Topic: Private Transport Missions paperwork

Private Transport Assignment are not used terribly much and I suspect I might be about the only player that frequently uses them.

What they supposedly give is convenience at the expense of NIC but I have found that sometimes I choose to haul stuff myself just to avoid the paper work of setting the assingments up. There are certain things that I wish were more easy to set up. They all have to do with me having the idea of what I want transported at what terms but actually getting that thought transmitted to the game is unwieldy.

One of the needs is to avoid large packet size. A battle bot might have unused 5u when it transitions on a natural business form alpha2 to alpha2. It obviously can't accept a 100u assigment. So instead of doing 1 100u assigment you could do 25 5u assigments. However this is the difference of doing 25 dialogs instead of 1. Atleast when the thing to be transported is homogenous it would be handy to just have a "quantity of assigments" in the same way one can purchase multiple copies of the same item from one dialog box.

Another one would be to allow "create transport assigment" in the context menu when multiple transport boxes are selected. Each would be posted with identical but separate contract details (ie same destination, same collateral) all spesified with the same dialog box.

It would also be handy if you could tell a 100u stack of resource to split itself evenly into these 10 boxes. What you can now do it is to tell it to split into 10 equisizeable stacks but you still have to move each stack to its container. I could also see that for example when moving broken equipment I would just want the "stuff" to split itself into containers. If I later care what transports in what box I could later switch particualr bits to other boxes (such as check that the average value is not disproportional to the intended collateral).

Also alledgelly sparks might be removed. One big thing I use sparks for is to have my person be present to post assigment orders. Could this requirement to be physically present be lifted or be circumvented via extensions? I don't think this is the main downside sparks cause so I think an alternative to retain atleast the level of usabiliyt currently offered when it comes to transport assigments should remain. One other important factor is that you can not load transport assigmment containers remotely, there is also a phyiscal presence requirement. Having resources under your name in a far away terminal but being able to summon them to be nearer without entering said far of terminal would I think be a thing that would make sense for transport assigments. The person that actually transports the goods would have to be able to physically enter the proximity of the goods but the summoner need not. With sparks doing transport assigments between posts where you have sparks in both start and end is not really big trouble. But if comparable mechanism is not provided when sparks are taken away, kililng sparks can kill logistics with it.