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Topic: Sorry, I cant help more. -as a leader-

Sorry guys, I have to step back from the game again, and I cant provide more help with ETHOS to the game. My goal was to help the game, so my online time was about most of the time to help the new palyers to understand the game and so on, and I hope we did a small succes with ETHOS, really thank you to the key members there!

At the last year, I even sacrificed some RL life to the game, to be able to build up a corp ingame (ETHOS). But now I cant find the time for "play" a game.

ETHOS will be and the fomer coCEO is DeathPaw, he will help you and I also watching.

Energy to Earth!

18.01.2014. [12:57:58] <BeastmodeGuNs> after that i remembered all those warning about 1v1 you lol, and i found out why xD

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Re: Sorry, I cant help more. -as a leader-