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Topic: Organic Morphing, alternative idea to T5 mods

I think RNG stat mods are a bad idea for a full a full loot pvp game. It works very well in themepark mmo, because you never lose any items and it's one of the main goals to improve your gear, spending days/months to increase stats just by 1%, falling in love with it.

I'd prefer a more controlled way to manufacture T5 loot.
Inspired by reverse engineering, here's how the manufacturing process would work:

Let's call this feature Organic Morphing
The combination process would require a T4 mod and the newly discovered Niani Organic Enhancer(NOE). NOE's can be acquired from high ranked NPCs, SAP and artifacts, Syndicate shop(?) and are ranging from level 1-10.

You now put your T4 mod and NOE of your choice and start the morphing process. Due to the nature of organic matter, there's a chance for the NOE to reject the module thus destroying both items.

If successful, the newly created item will be T4.1 - T5.0 tiered, depending on what level NOE you use.

Re: Organic Morphing, alternative idea to T5 mods

As long as there is predefined stats for the 4.1 to 5.0 tier, I just don't want to press space bar and 3/6 guns fire.

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Re: Organic Morphing, alternative idea to T5 mods

RNG T5 is like having   T5   T6  T7  and  T8  depending on quality

I like it.

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