Topic: Transport Mission "gameplay bug"

Did one of those new Transport missions yesterday and encountered a bug:

one of my agents in squad didn't see the mission that the other agent started. (bug)

Now what did i do? i tried to access the mission item dispenser even if it was not highlighted -> and i really got the items,  that did count towards mission objective "A" (= Collect x items)

when i tried to deliver them, at the still not highligted target terminal, i got the message "error, report this" and could not deliver the items.
Put them away and used that agent just for velocity nexus buff.

later i noticed that i couldn't finish Objective "B" (=deliver x items) because the ones collected earlier did miss.

Now the question:
Is it ok that a mission could fail if random agent in squad interacts with one of the dispensers and removes them from the accessible pool for the mission owner?

*Disclaimer: This post can contain strong sarcasm or cynical remarks. keep that in mind!
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Re: Transport Mission "gameplay bug"

The answer to the question is: that's how it's supposed to be, otherwise you wouldn't be able to work together in a squad.

But yeah we need to check that update bug.