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Topic: Time of Surprises

Event will only on Sunday

message in general chat by BadAss: time of surprises. find the container field.

- I give only the coordinates, it can be any alpha island. and give password for field container
- Any robot, but it may be so that you will not be able to take the prize. Preference sequer
- if you found an empty container (this dummy). you need to move to another island
- before the start of the event, I will refer to this topic to show rules
- after I showed the link, I will give some time to prepare (for example someone is on the other robots away from the terminal). and within 20-30min I declare the start

Enjoy your time in perpetuum. wink
organizers and sponsors of the shares: Corporation R, Free-Space-Ranger

p.s. Terms and dates may be modified.

update 30.05.2015: increase the interest in the event -> need a worthy gift -> 1 event on Sunday. smile

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Re: Time of Surprises

Winners cool

29.05  Temu (prize Tyrannos mk1)
30.05  Jasdemi (prize Kain mk1)

31.05.2015 nullPointer (prize: seth mk1, 1 armor plate, 2 armor repaier, 1 universal armor, 1 light frame, 2 sensor, 6 HLC lasers, 4 tunings laser)

if you do not like what I write - do not read