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Well, its no secret now, that i have over the last few days, been involved in a forum battle with M2S.

I accept, that i have indeed been jousting with them here, and it has been fun while it lasted.

But it seems, some of M2S took it a step too far, by trying to find out my rl details, and once they obtained those, they have now been posted by several M2S members on these boards, and also in game.

I am a lawyer turned stock broker, and i live in Ilford UK. that is all correct. They have my facebook info, and hence my rl pics.  The children are indeed mine. The woman, is indeed my wife. The house is indeed mine. The Ferrari is indeed mine. I do work at the London Stock Exchange.

These details have been obtained, i am told, by meticulous research by M2S, and now that it is out in the open, i can't play with the shield of anonymity.

This is a game. Anything that happens, should stay ingame. My rl details, should never have been disclosed.  I find this an irrepairable breach.

People may say i am overeacting, but when after only 3 days of forum jousting, people are driven to conduct research on you, and then disclose their findings, and your rl details all over the boards and in game, it is clearly concerning.

This rivalry, and needle, would likely have continued, and if anything, later on when there is more to lose, i have no idea what someone is capable of, once they know everythign about me.

I asked the DEV's to give me a chance to reroll, with no EP Penalty, and a refund of the EP i have earned on my chrs, so that i can continue with a new chr. I dont mind if they just let me change my chr names.  But that has been refused.

Those who have threatened me, know who they are, and i think it is ingenious to have done it, via alts and Teamspeak, whereby there can be no direct link to mains.  I accept, it was probably just a joke, but i cannot take the risk.

Sorry to M2S for the grief caused.
Sorry to all i may have upset during my forum fun.

Thanks to all in game whom made my time here a laugh.

Thanks to all in game. This has a lot of potential, but please i cannot urge this enough, please do not disclose peoples real life details, as if you are throwing about a toy. 

Have a good day.


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I'd only like to add that we do not give out personal information of our players. They have found it out via a few google searches, which we obviously cannot control, nor can we do anything about threats that happen outside of game.

Your personal information on the internet is your own responsibility.

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Soo someone found your real ingame name and you try to manipulate the community into thinking this is a treat to your familiy and kids? You REALLY thing people are gonna belive this?

Why don't you face it. Trolling is one thing. Trolling from an alt to avoid retribution is something else.

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kaito, takes a genius to work out my ingame chr doesn't it

<-- this was my main

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For the longest time I actually thought you were a member in M2S tongue

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Kaito Kurusaki wrote:

For the longest time I actually thought you were a member in M2S tongue

i do have 3 chrs on the account...

anyway laters dude smile

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Sounds like a few people are taking this game way too seriously. Obviously I don't know all the circumstances that lead up to this, but facebook hacking and making RL threats over a video game?

ethuggery at its most pathetic.

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just want to say, thank you to jelax for his pvt msgs today.

am going to keep playing.

DEVS, please close this thread.

i dont mind ppl knowing my rl details, its all a game.

<can i still do this plz>