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Topic: Hybrid equipment and combo effects.

Preamble: The regular fit for mechs and others are profile weapons and nothing else. It happens because of non profile equipment have an extra mass and reactor/cpu usage.

My suggestion is:

Every kind of weapon should debuff it's target, If another kind of weapon will shoot debuffed target - it should suffer because of combo effect.

For example:
If missile strikes a target, then EM gun inflicts more damage on it. Laser will have more chance of critical strike.
If EM weapon strikes a target - lasers will decrease AP regen. Missiles - will decrease it's speed.
and so on...

Also would be cool to implement the type of damage combo effects.
thermal+seismic=additional crit chance.
kinetic+thermal=shield penetration percent

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Re: Hybrid equipment and combo effects.

nice idea - but something like that was planned for the other weapons

eg. the plasma cannon debuffing targets resists, and ...  the other one was like a PPC having random ECM effects

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Re: Hybrid equipment and combo effects.

This maybe a cool idea but I will have to wait to see how it works in Archage first big_smile


Re: Hybrid equipment and combo effects.

I like the Idea Hunter

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