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I need a ratting fitting for the bapho and some advice on what extensions to level, maybe even a priority for them.
Thank you in advance.

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ratting with bapho -
you want to fit a t2 medium accumulator and a t4 small repair module
that way you will be capstable with your repair module running all the time.

That fit is just pretty reactor-hungry in fitting costs due to legslot modules and lasers are reactor heavy.
you will need some levels in reactor expansion, optimized weapons, armor and engineering extensions.

the other stuff is same as for everythings - locktime reduction, locking range (for easy kiting) and firepower.

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You may have to go with t2 stuff now if you don't have the EP to fit specific items etc.

But I made the fit based on what anni was saying in his post.

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Thank you very much sirs.
Other opinions are welcomed as well smile