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^^Yes same as ICE, it might be a good idea, gives everyone more options.


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I would suggest, making ICE into something similar to the EP boost. But if you plan on buying the ICE with PC the PC cost should be 1.5 to 2 times the cost of you just right clicking and activating.  So if you get 2400 credits to activate the booster the ICE thingy in the cash shop should cost 3600 to 4800 credits, to help curb rapid inflat... oh wait.

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Its not like ICE .. its an alternative for people to get the same items through the PC store (excluding boosting & downgrades) but not needing to pay cash for them ... they pay for these items in game by grinding missions or what have you to get the alternative currency which i suggested to be tokens because they are already in game and being used for just about nothing.   

There is no need for people to further "Print NIC" I understand people have tons of money they want to throw at this game (maybe maybe not because 1/2 the people only came back because its free) but the economy needs to be closely watched.

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Bad idea.


PC and NIC should be completely separate.

If the items that are bought with PC are tradeable it then will do two things:

* Make it really easy to buy PC ~> convert to NIC ... instant billions = unstable economy

* Kill the cash shop because people wont buy the items with $$$ they will just wait until some rich guy does and ^^ pays NIC for these items which will lower the profitability for AC.

PC Items (I'm not referring to boosting or downgrades) should have an equivalent purchase (non trade able) mechanic in game like mission tokens but the token cost should be around 5x to 10x the cost of the item with PC. This will give incentive to players who dont have $$$ but have time to "PLAY" and grind missions. or buy tokens or what have you.

^^ But for any of this to work we need a wide variety of PC items ... which means more content design. ... I want a Fedora for my Ictus big_smile

Same concept as ICE.  Good way for billionaires to offload nic to poor people with jobs.

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If they want to "watch the economy", the first thing they should do, make sure that no multi-boxing is going to work in Perpetuum any longer.
One person with xx bots at his hands, mining or harvesting or "ratting" and no one sees the trouble in there, but instead jumps right onto the ICE? lol
So, just to clear that up, selling accounts for multi-boxing to "print NIC" is good.
But selling ICE to trade for NIC is bad... thats some really fine logic. roll

Perpetuum base game -> Money
Perpetuum Credits -> Money
and thats it atm.
And lets be honest, not everyone might even go for the PC. Which means, all there is, is the money from the game purchase, and that wont last forever.
I suggest you get a store ready asap, so that we can test it and give you feedback on it before the big Steam launch is right upon us.
Add more EP and some PC to those new accounts, so that new players have good reasons to buy the game without testing it, and to get a taste for the EP booster and other things from the store.

ICE -> Money
Bring ICE back into the game, looks like it worked before and there are similar systems working just fine in other games.

The goal should be, give new players an easy way into the game and keep them playing (and paying...) here.

Content of the PC store, mostly usefull items with very few cosmetic stuff, the focus should be on things that are a good help (for example, teleport beacons that work faster and stay longer open, but only work on Alpha Islands) for players.

Just my 2 NIC, new colours for some beloved Mech might float the boat for others, but i want something more or less "real" to spend my money on.