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Chassis Scanner is a powerful intel tool. There are no counters no checks or balances with this mod. Intel makes or brakes a fleet and sitting under a station with a alt scanning the enemy fits in alpha so you can counter it on the field with no counter is a very powerful tool. I suggest chassis scanning is a pvp flag event. If ur not willing to fight for intel on the enemy then you should not gain said intel.

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Solution is not to be predictable. Why do you think we said in the Spark thread it's not that good idea to use Beta terminal?

Maybe start a new thread titled "Things that bother Balfizar"?

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Everything has a counter.

There is no counter to this mod.

More groups of people will be using beta outposts and alpha outposts for launch points and 1 dude sitting there scanning people is overpowered.

You cant even shoot him..

If there were a mod for arms or head that blocked it, that would be a counter and that would be a cost.

-or-  of course, PvP flag  ;P

Everything needs a counter.

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Masker is counter

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Counter at Beta station is ECM, Alpha has no counter

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beta stations, bot can just dock aka station games