Topic: Gamma landmarks and terrain icons.

Is it possible to provide an option that will only show gamma structure icons on the terrain and gamma structures in the landmarks window IF you are targeting or being targeted by them?

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thats a pretty good suggestion

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Well gamma lag right now is just completely over the top.
It needs to be looked into.

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Re: Gamma landmarks and terrain icons.

The more turrets lock you, the worse the lag. I was sitting at 300k (yes, thats 5 minute lag!) for most of the time, unable to do anything. The network lag slowly builds up so that could give some information to the devs and seems to clear up mostly after leaving turreted area.

With attackers, anyone getting targeted by turrets would just be sitting ducks waiting to be killed.

Re: Gamma landmarks and terrain icons.

Gamma lag can indeed be crippling amongst many structures - it needs looking at.

My suggestion was not lag related though, even though it will help a bit I'm sure. It's just so darned hard to focus on what's important when your landmarks fill four screen heights and the terrain is a mass of white icons so tightly bunched their precise form is not manifest.

A little intelligent filtering of what's important and what isn't would be indescribably helpful.