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Topic: Unlock Target Bug

Mining Titan in Riv MK2
I have six tiles locked, on five tiles I have one laser.
Titan runs out on one tile.
I switch focus to said tile and unlock ... except a different tile unlocks, not the one with focus. In fact the one that had focus previously.

Maybe a delay in server updating which target has focus ... but NO!

Mining alongside in a Riv MK1
4 tiles locked, 3 with lasers.
Titan runs out on one tile. Change focus, unlock. Different tile unlocks but NOT the one that previously had focus.

Doesn't seem to happen if the module lasering the tile that Perpetuum decides to unlock is reloading.

Its a tricky one to work out exactly what is happening but its happening and its uber-annoying.

Realised that I have described this incorrectly.
Clearing target on a tile does not unlock a different target, it deactivates the module which is active on a different target.

Still trying to work out how to get a predictable error on this one. Seems a bit random atm

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I confirm

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Mining bots are just boned.
They always have one more mining module than targets that they can lock.

F/E My termis/gargoyle have 4 mining mounts - but they can only lock three targets.  If I want to spread my gathering around for maximum efficiency one target is going to have to have two modules working it.

They should be able to lock at the very least the same number of targets as they have gathering modules - it's only logical.

And the ore map should refresh without having to constantly pulse a CPU hogging geoscanner.

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MK2 mining bots can do that.

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I am starting to understand why Whorum is posting as an alt and not his main character. As his understanding of game mechanics is a bit, low...

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Whorum is right on one thing though ,scanned results should refresh , Dev Zoom mentioned to change that some time back.


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Any progress on this one yet? Still happening and still infuriating.