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Topic: Test Server Havoc :: 7-13 23:00

Everyone is invited to come and test the new production system out. Every account has quazillion NIC and about 300k free EP on the test servers. Market has everything seeded for manufacturing, so in the light of this, I invite you to produce bots and equipment and then blow it all up at 23:00 server time, today.

Test Server Havoc tl;dr
  • Test new research system

  • Build tons of bots and equipment

  • Blow it all up at 23:00 ST today

  • Additional cool-points earned if you use new proto bots

Test server client can be downloaded here: http://content.perpetuum-online.com/fil … p_test.exe
Information about bug reporting: http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … -july-2013

Re: Test Server Havoc :: 7-13 23:00

[18:29:53] <DEV Zoom> everything is on the market now for 1 nic


Re: Test Server Havoc :: 7-13 23:00

should be there.

had already a few nice fights 1v1 with burial and angelwing.

quite fun to blow up a few vanguard mesmers again. has been a year or so since last test server...