Topic: Is the "Basic Eff Mass Pro" skill broken?

I was looking into making my own mining charges and created a CT for HDT.  When I added it to the factory it said I needed 192 Titanium.  I then leveled up the Basic Eff Mass Pro skill that says I get a 2% material efficiency boost per level and now when I load the CT it says I need to use 224 Titanium.

Shouldnt the amount of materials be going down as I skill up?

Re: Is the "Basic Eff Mass Pro" skill broken?

what you mean with "load the CT" ?
did you extract it, and then uploaded it again?

if yes, then your CT got damaged a few % and then its natural that you need more material.

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Re: Is the "Basic Eff Mass Pro" skill broken?

When you did your first run it coste 192 for you, but the 2th run of the ct will cost more the 3th more. so while you had to pay 224 , this could have bin 228,4 whitout the 2%.

its better to make 4 items per run , then 4 runs of one item.