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Topic: Server Error

I am unable to log in.  I get the statement Server error.

While in game I bought an Argano, yes was in station.  Could not activate the robot (yes have the required extensions).  The robot icon showed a red icon indicating damage.  From this point forward I could execute nothing.  Recieved a server error, then I logged out.

When attemping to log back in recieved a msg that I was already in game.  So I shut the game down completely and tried to log back in and recieved a server error.

So I re-booted my computer, tried again, and recieved the same server error.

Created a new character and was able to log in with that.  So the error is isolated to Matho, it appears to have started when I purchased the Argano.

EDIT-retried again and the msg is "The character is already logged in."

Re: Server Error

I just got the same problem - was exiting the station and game crashed to desktop.  Now I cant log that character  (I get the same "The character is already logged in."  Message).

Other character works fine.  Anyone have a solution?

Re: Server Error

While I still can not log into my agent, since the game thinks I am already logged in, my NIC ballance has changed.

It appears one of my orders sold and I collected the NIC.

If someone with the ability would close out my agent in game, perhaps I could log in and play the game?

Re: Server Error

No help?

1. The game thinks I am still logged in, so I can not log in to play.  My wallet is still changing so my agent is still working.

2. And if this is not the correct place to ask about being unable to play the game, would someone direct me to the correct procedure?

Re: Server Error

Well since no solutions have appeared, neither here nor from the email sent to support, we have entered into the wild *** guess portion of the exercise.

Will deleting and re-installing the program destroy my in game agent? or is the information that generates my agent on the server and it is accessed when I log in?

Or is this game really like EVE and this bug is just a "feature" that I have not learned to appreciate yet smile

Re: Server Error

no, everything except for your configuration is stored at the server.

try re-installing the game (delete the .gbf file). i will forward this to the DEVs directly.

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Re: Server Error

I uninstalled, then downloaded and installed the game. No change says "the character is already logged in."

And for my reading comprehension lesson of the day: where is the .gbf saved and it is not removed durning the uninstall process?

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Re: Server Error

should not be drinking and doing this.

Uninstalled and/or deleted all files with perpetuum in their name.  Slowly downloading new client now.

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Re: Server Error

No change.  Still getting "the character is already logged in."

I deleted the .gbf file,
Uninstalled the game,
deleted every folder and file with perpetuum in the title,
downloaded the installer, then the new game files
logged in and see my Agent and get the error when clicking on the agent box.

Perhaps my bot has become self aware and will lead the revolution!!

EDIT-created a new Agent named Help Matho.  Logged into game and I see Matho in the general chat. Even opened a private conversation window, he did not reply:)

EP is still increasing and based on Matho's wallet my sell orders executed.

So I apparently I am in game, with two agents open, running one client?

Maybe unrelated: When I safe logged Help Matho out, at the end of the timer I got a lost connection msg.

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Re: Server Error

Odd bug, hope you get in soon, but seems to me the auto disconec function is acting up.
( it suppose to disconnect you if you try to login again)
At worse you have to wait till a server reboot, but i'm sure a dev will pick it up before.
note: 4:30am for the devs right now. so might be a while.

Re: Server Error

Based on newer posts this problem has appeared a couple of times, so it is not just me smile  Maybe a few more examples will help to narrow in on the problem.

The next scheduled DT is December 7, so hopefully things will be repped by then.

New game and growing pains, not unexpected.

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Re: Server Error

Characters getting stuck online seems to be around a 1 in 10,000 chance when logging out under the right circumstances.

Support can force your character offline however they should have done it by now. They'll get the email eventually. The next server restart will fix it as everyone will be logged out.

The issue should be resolved soon once a cause is found. I hate the non-re-creatable bugs) for now I'll make a new thread purely for characters stuck online and have people post there rather than running through many threads and support emails to get the issues resolved. Very rare issue however it has happened to a few of our corporation members.

Any new occurrences may want to post here: http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topic/580/
More likely to be found when searched.

The Game

Re: Server Error

Im closing all topics about that - just report your agent name in the sticky topic:

http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … to-log-in/

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