Topic: New UK Indy/PvE pilot looking for corp

Hey All,

I discovered Perpetuum by accident (boy do they need some advertising) and as a 6 year veteran of EVE-Online it appealed to me right away. While I have not been in the game long I am essentially following the same career path I did in EVE, Mining, Manufacturing & PvE (for standing, loot and change of pace). I have always been big in the new player assitance scene so looking to contuine this vibe.

So what am I looking for.....

- Smallish corp where I can really contribute and help create a solid attractive foundation for new players
- Alpha based corp with long term achievable goals
- CEO with a vision and drive but willing to listen to the members of the corporation.

What can I offer a corp......

- I'm online most days GMT (10am - 4pm ish) for terminal/chat/assistance based stuff
- Active two days a week (Wednesdays & Thursday generally) and for a few hours at weekends (generally 7-10am ish) for mining, PvE ops etc
- I am a web applications developer by trade so can bring web services (hosting, web sites, forums, operation tracking, VoIP, etc) to a corp that needs those facilities.

What DONT I want......

- PvP (I'm crap at it and always feel bad and end refunding the guy I just blew up)
- Gamma.....I'm not interesting in politics and power play (had enough of this in EVE)
- I'm not a huge fan of voice comms but willing to use it when required to.

If any of this sounds like your corporation then please feel free to contact me and we can chat about your corporate vision.


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Re: New UK Indy/PvE pilot looking for corp

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Re: New UK Indy/PvE pilot looking for corp

Dan wrote:

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......with my little eye, something beginning with N

'New Player'

Oh yes that's right, a new player to perpetuum (not to MMO's) looking to become a key player in a small-medium new player assistance corporation.