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Topic: Disc Wars! - A PvP Server wide event

Greetings Programs! If you haven't noticed, I am pretty big fan of Tron and His Dudeness.

When: Saturday June 23rd 6pm EST / 0:00 Sunday Server Time. (Time can change if there is a strong desire for an earlier time).

Where: Tellesis (Spots on island TBD)

What: Arkhes, Arkhe MK2 and Lightbots

Event Types: Tournament style 1v1s and Free for All at the end.

Prizes: The warm and excited feeling you get for blowing someone up.

So this will be my first pvp event, so it's going to be started off with something simple to see how it goes and what people like and don't like and what can be added/changed for future events.

Everyone is welcomed. You will (most likely) eventually be fighting your own corp mates and allies, matches will be randomized(though I will try to match people up closer to their character ages). The free for all, everyone will flag PvP at a countdown timer and the last person surviving wins.

I ask everyone attending please do not grief the event and attack people during matches that you are not in. I also hope for everyone to use T1 equipment just to be more on par. Later events will allow for different grades of equipment.

There will be no prizes, from me anyways for this event. I figure the fun factor and bragging rights should be enough. However anyone wanting to donate stuff, then we can have something for Last man Standing and Tournament Champ.

Again, this is my first event and I'm by far no pro at the game. I just want people to have fun with the game for how it's supposed to be and PvP it up! This is a Neutral event so leave all your politics at the gates I am open to suggestions and feedback regarding this and future events. That should be all for now. Hope to see lots of people there!

EDIT: X up if you are interested with most prefered type of bot you want to use. If there is a good number of people, we can do mechs and heavy mechs too.

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Its try to be here. Its 1:00 AM then here tho, so no promises.

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How about prime time? 000 is definitely not.

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Can we have a event replay? It would eb good for population.

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It would be better for the population if the welcome.perpetuum-online.com didn't take you to Hello Free to Play Game!

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It's not that bad of a page composition. But yes they should really do something about google.