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Topic: Fuel For Fire (-FFF-) recruiting

Fuel For Fire (-FFF-) is a newly created corporation which has goals and a drive to achieve them, with maturity, respect and fun!

What we are about:

* A corp for veteran agents wanting a fresh start, or for the new agent wanting to learn all aspects of the game.
* We are a capitalist PvP corp and have a strong industry background all to support our PvP.
* We are a beta island corp.
* Our members are willing to help the corp, other members of the corp and have each others back in every aspect of the game.
* We will be a tight nit group of agents who will be very active and respected within the Perpetuum community.

What we require:

* "Very active" agents willing to start in a new corp and work towards member decided corp goals.
* Mature agents looking to have fun whilst achieving said goals.
* Agents that enjoy all aspects of the game.
* Agents from any TZ may apply.
* Older agents from any corp background may apply.
* New agents may apply, although they must be subbed.
* Must have a working mic and must use it on the corps TeamSpeak 3 server.
* There will be an initial interview to make sure you are the right fit for us and we're the right fit for you.

What we can offer:

* New agents will receive free bots in order to get them learning PvP and help them become self sufficient quicker!
* A corp able to teach PvP in order to win in a battle.
* Experienced agents who know all mechanics of the game and able to use them to help build wealth, find targets and have fun.
* Beta island outpost access.
* An alliance of more agents willing to help in all aspects of the game.

Join channel "-FFF- Public" if you would like a chat or ask any questions!

For a discreet recruitment or if no one from corp is responding in the public channel, please send Kilswitch an in game mail.


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Good Luck big_smile

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Hope to see much success from you guys!

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Re: Fuel For Fire (-FFF-) recruiting

Looking for a few more agents.

Whether you are new or old, come and have a chat with us.

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Bump. Updated OP.

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Still looking for more members. Would like to grow the EU and US timezones.

If interested, come have a chat.


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Good bunch of guys smile ^