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Re: Your computer specs and perp performance

CPU: 3570k (OC to 4.3ghz)
GPU: Gigabyte GTZ 655 Ti 2GB OC
RAM: 16Gb (4x4 @ 1600)
OS: Windows7

Running this game on max settings is a breeze. Tho i get better FPS in PS2 than i do in this game lol. WTB better optimization tongue

True Pros make a Podcast to influence the Devs minds, 
The rest of you guys are Hacks tongue

PS. I got my Highways & stopped playing b4 they came in & have never used them! ...... Irony much ? tongue

Re: Your computer specs and perp performance

CPU: i7 3770 oc
GPU: GTX 650 ti oc
RAM: 16 gig
OS Microsoft windows 7 64 bit.
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