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Ok, I feel stupid before I ask this. I want to reverse engineer a new CT, from my understanding if I gain enough (100%?) knowledge I can use a sample and a decoder to make the CT. What is this decoder implement you talk of? How do I get one? Do I buy it? should it appear if I get 100% knowledge of a item?

Any help would be muchos appreciados.

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Decoders are random drops from npc-mobs (except drones).

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^^^Thank you so much, that explains why I cant find one. Best go kill some stuff!

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You can buy a level 1 decoder off the market for 12-15k. That's what I did.


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Actually reaching 100% knowledge of something is by using kernels which allows you to make prototypes. You don't need decoders for this and usually its more expensive to make. The decoders are used for reverse engineering to make a CT of a specific item.

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1) Buy/loot production unit of thing you want to make > RE with decoder > Use CT to programme factory

2) Eat kernals > 100% produce prototype > Reverse proto using decoder > use CT to programme factory

2 is only necessary if its named (t1-4 item)

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When you click on any item one of the tabs shows what level of decoder is needed to create a Calibration Template from it.