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Probably someone from the players or the corporation wished to have the option to sell or buy a CT on the market. In this way, he could make NIC with this business.

Then the market could become more dynamic. Small or new corporations could more easily engage in production and should not have their own "prototyper".

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The biggest issue with this are that not all CTs are the same.. They almost all have individual percentages and are therefor 'unique'.. Its just not how the market works (same reason you cant sell damaged goods, and im talking from a code level).

What we need is a CT market or a contract system specifically designed to sell CTs that also shows their percentages. I think this has been proposed a few times and I would be shocked if plans weren't in the works.

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Selling unused MK2 CTs on the market instead of spamming the trade channel would be a good start.

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Re: Selling or buying CT on the Market

The trade channels is for - limited - spamming about selling stuff.

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Re: Selling or buying CT on the Market

It is, but it only help reach the people that are on when you are on. Due top my timezone I am never on during peak times, so the number of people that can see my wears are limited at best.

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Re: Selling or buying CT on the Market

I think making this a mk2-only feature would help, since those CT's come in 25/50/75 quality. Definitely worthwhile looking into, more sand in the sandbox & all that jazz.

Might require considering how to manage people selling mk2 CT's that are not at 25/50/75 quality, someone might get a 75 CT, run a few lines and sell it off as... what? 67 quality CT?

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Re: Selling or buying CT on the Market

Split the efficiency of the ct and the ct itself into two separate items. Make those items set at the start at various levels, but bind them to the line after use and have them degrade as standard. Created in proto facility, with each level requiring more stuff to proto it.

That'd allow trading of ct and efficiency modules without irritation.

Re: Selling or buying CT on the Market

I can see this being the same issue with trying to sell damaged items on the market, which ties into why they don't stack, is that you'd need a line for each CT or broken module.

A [x] CT at 67.89% is not the same item as a [x] CT 67.88%. So the market can't just have a listing for [x] CT because they aren't the same item.

It doesn't make sense to split the efficiency from the CT, or at least not in this case, because the value of the CT is based on it. This would also mean that the entire Market would be duplicated 5-9 times for each % of CT, since you can make a CT out of 'almost' everything on the market; each module requiring a level 1 decoder can be created using all 9 levels with different %'s, so for instance it would have to look something like

  • CT

  • Miner Charges

  • Titan Mining Charge CT

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 55%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 60%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 65%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 69%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 74%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 79%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 83%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 88%

  • Titan Mining Charge CT : 92%

And only slightly less entries for modules requiring level 4 or 5.

Also it's not likely that producers are going to make CT's to sell, simply because it doesn't really take any special level of skill to put the Item and a decoder into the RE, skill just saves time and a few NIC, it doesn't provide a better CT.

MK II's would be the only CT's worth putting on the market, but they can't be used again, because the way the market is layed out, it can't deal with non-standard items.

A contract system would be better, where like anything else, you can setup the ends of a trade that can be complete with one party offline.