Topic: Feature Request: Market Order Change Lock-out

After posting a sell or buy order you have to wait 10 minutes to make a change.  If you messed up the price on something this gives someone a window to screw you or forces you to wait for no reason to make your price lower. 

Please change the timer to only apply after the first change after a post or just remove it as it's pointless anyway.

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Re: Feature Request: Market Order Change Lock-out

you can simply increase amount of orders you can place with an extension. Then just put new order while previous have a cooldown. Doesn't work in situation when you need to sell anything single, f.e. 1 mech.

Decreasing cooldown time will make market just crasy - prices will change too fast, and people who can't afford low prices will be unable to sell anything, leaving market in frustration.

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Re: Feature Request: Market Order Change Lock-out

Thats a terrible suggestion.  If you get it wrong you have to deal with it.  The more there are consequences the better the game will be.