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Massively is going to cover Perpetuum in their MV Guide section this Thursday, June 9 at 7:00 p.m. EDT (which should be Friday, June 10 at 01:00 CEST, Perpetuum time). … 6-12-2011/

Sounds like a nice chance to be on TV.

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If you missed it live you can now watch the livestream recording here: … 00affc4750

Thanks for everyone helping out in showing all the stuff and of course thanks to Jeremy/Massively for doing it!

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Just finished watching, the only thing I have to say is that what you see there is acutally typical of how the community helps new players, it wasn't just because he's with massively. When you join a corp, they will supply you with robots to go pvp with. Now, typically you won't get 4M NIC or a Dev showing you how missles work, which was a little star power at work. but you will get information you need to make your own 4M NIC - and devs are around alot!

Did I mention ... GO MINERS!!!

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Unfortunately, Jeremy's voice was very irritating/unappealing to listen to (by my taste) so I stopped watching after about a minute or two. Still, good to see Perpetuum getting more coverage.

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At the end of the cast, Jeremy mentions that he usually only does pod casts for a different fantasy MMO. He was clearly unfamiliar with the game, which meant he had to concentrate on playing and talking, where if he was a vetern player, as he is in the other MMO, it would come off much smoother.

Possibly the caster that was out on vacation, or another presenter with more exp. in the game, will come back and do another show on Perpetuum.