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You sure you were ready for launch?

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LOL.  Early access is flawless, but as soon as launch hits theres a bug when you alt+tab..... epic.

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I guess you were.  Nice work!

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I alt-tabbed the crap out of my 2 clients today. No problems there... Just this EP/rollback issue.

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Yeah it is funny how the early access goes smooth. Same amount of people online to when it went live. And now look at this mess, with the rollback. I don't mind to much though. I just find it funny that launch days always has to be some problem.

Awesome game in all aspects though. big_smile

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I don't see it as a mess.
very smooth EA.
a small rollback at launch, I've known worst release than this one.

look at it :
a small, but anoying bug (EP)
very good communication
reactivity to take the right decision
and compensation for the trouble

can you say that about all game compagny, release or issue ?

good work Avatar (and all the small hands behind the scene) !
no fanboyism just fact wink