Topic: some goodies

Hi here,
maybe it could be nice to see this kind of comfort in Gui :

Landmark, window Splitable, when the window is crowded with container it's kinda boring to select the rigth target.

Waypoint : would like to be able to color them, to make a difference between Wp about combat, geoscan, mining etc...and as well sort them by color, or family.

Container, no idea if it's already on feature : Password protected container, in the corp storage. as CEO, if i want to give or trade something to a right member, while he's not here, it's a comfort to be sure none can pick something in his personal Corp-container.

Container : going from outpost A to outpost B, when the cargo is overloaded of ammo, system bot, raw material's a nightmare when you have to sort out all of that. it will be a comfort to load Container in cargo. specialy when delivery 3 customer at once, with the same kind of raw material.

2 Container for each Corp-mate : for internal transfert of items, while the CEO or the gamer isn't here. 50K/week, that's a bit hight, when we want to set a good logistic.

Regards, and wish you the best for this game.

Re: some goodies

Some okay ideas and I like the folder/container idea for transport.

On the transfer things they can all be covered by a simple escrow system. Pick player, pick items, pay fee based on volume and duration, set a cost/collection fee and hit go. Player can then pick up escrows in station for any fee set or collect remotely for an additional Syndicate fee.

NIC sinks based on player convenience are always good smile

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