Topic: Squad Boss promotion

Given that squads are semi permemnant (they exists untill the last person leaves them or the are disbanded), that now only squad members can access cans and not corp members.  And that only boss is able to manage the squad invite new members etc.

I propose that if the squad boss goes off line or leaves the squad that a random online squad member is promoted to boss.  If the Boss is the last squad member and goes off line then the next existing squad member to come online is then automatically promoted.

It is infuriating to be mining away and the can creator to go offline and squad boss to go off line and then later on have new corp members turn up for their shift to find out that they cannot access the can nor are the able to be invited into the squad.

Re: Squad Boss promotion

You have to mine in shifts?  I'm sorry.

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Re: Squad Boss promotion

Yes, please =)

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Re: Squad Boss promotion

ah, just give me back options to auto-share my field can with corp, so i dont have to be in squad even when theres no nexus around.