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In a perfect world the alpha islands would still allow you to delete cargo. When you are on beta the option to delete cargo is gone. I think this would appease both sides.

WTF is a pre-bump?


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A lock minimap option would rock


From what I've observed of this game, it tries to keep things in that make sense i.e. needing to move your stuff if you want to re-base. If farmer A saw someone grabbing from the community tree and farmer B wants apples too, well no one has ownership of the tree and it's a free for all.

If you want to harvest you'll need to move out of the very first station. I remember a spot on Daodan that was next to a teleporter that I was able to farm for hours and all I saw where a handful of people passing me to do missions. Personally I'm on Beta because our alliance has military control of the station, thus making the plant ours.

If you don't like anyone taking your tree remember two things:
1) The tree is not yours
2)stop being lazy and look for a good patch

It would be nice if we where able to fight over small objectives that give a corp/alliance a bonus stat. Another idea is the ability to own a teleporter and charge a toll.

It doesn't need to be these ideas exactly but having something to do on the beta islands and draw pvpers to would be nice. Right now people go to the beta islands solo or duo to try to catch some miner off guard or all out assault with 50+ people. PvP in smaller groups in this game is crazy fun and having small objectives in the beta islands would help encourage more small squads to form up and try to take a little glory for their corp.

p.s. The fight we had last night at Naouy outpost was crazy fun. it was a fair fight for both sides numbers wise and our squads did a nice little ballet before the engagement. This was the most fun I've had in this game so far and I want other people to have that kind of fun. Being able to go and grab a little 6-10 man squad to look for other 6-10 man squads going for the same objectives as you would be awesome.

It would be nice to be able to check our local files against a verified, working build.

Flushing all of the old chat/combat logs has to be done manually. A flush cache button would be nice.

Some members of our corp are experiencing less lag and disconnects because they have either reinstalled a new copy of perpetuum today or they have logs turned off. Maybe this can eliminate some of the variables when attempting to find bugs.


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I like that each terminal has its own bank because it adds a factor into moving to another base of operations. We had some people that wanted to take advantage of the beta terminals and we had to escort the transport convoy. Our convoy run ended up having a little pvp added to it and it was a blast. Some brave players took out a sequer of ours and that lead us to a chase of the pirates and retrival of our property.  If we just had stuff there there wouldn't be a need to do ops just to get cargo around safely.

I guess if you don't like that aspect of an open world pvp game, I would like to suggest a small game called wow. They have banks and hearthstones!


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I know I goto the gas station that is .01 cheaper when there is no downside to going to the gas station (like if its a BP). Why do would people's buying habits change in a market that is online? Yup it sure does suck when someone undercuts you by a penny but that's the point of a free market isn't it? So adapt or get left in the poor house.

Like someone else said, if you move your price so far below the penny pinchers your product will sell quickly because people will see an opportunity to buy your stuff and mark it up to the penny pincher level for a profit.

I made a toon that could use a sequer (80u of storage) and pick up parrell assigments 4 to get 4 transport missions at a time. Every run to the next staton nets me around 35000 nic and can be done fairly quickly. I ran this for two hours the other night and I made well over 1.5m nic. I kept the ammo from the rewards because I'm a slight horder but if you sell the mission obtainable only ammo, your profits could well exceed what I was doing. Sequers are on the market for 1 to 2 million so if you have the up front cash now to plop your dude in a sequer you can make a lot of money, get rep and not spend ammo. If you do go this route make sure you have the robot contol for the sequer before you spend any other ep.

If you're still going to make a miner toon, don't forget basic robotics because it adds a 5% per level  to bonuses the mining bots get.


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I am having this issue as well. The problem ONLY happens on my second computer. I've redownlaoded the client twice but I am still having the crash problem. If I play the same character on the computer I first installed the client on I can scan my brains out without crashing. Are there any logs/tracers I can run to help get to the bottom of this?

If I keep my scans clear I do not crash. The crash occurs after I hit upload and the map is popping up.



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Being able to use a macro program to get into a container does not seem like an intended use to me. I hope that anyone that uses that tactic is banned.

Is the point of containers to be a semi secure way to hold things in the field or just another pvp objective? Currently it seems like they want to add an element of piracy to containers? I don't think that is the right way to go about it because only a small fraction of the players are willing and able to pirate some miner for shiggles. If the containers are ment to be disputed and fought over than great, everyone should be given a code cracker so everyone can pillage the pve carebears. If its ment to be a secure in the field storage option then a cap needs to be put in place for false codes.

Also 1111 is NOT a good code to use. I have been able to get in on peoples stupidity, not on exploting a mechanic.

I would like to thank my fellow repliers for such a strong and compelling argument, if we all replied like you this game would be great!


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X Staax wrote:

I have 3 accounts now and ya it does suckola. But I think adding a follow command would be a higher priority smile haha

Use "Approach" to auto follow targets. It looks like an arrow in the targeting interface.

I don't understand the current grouping system. There is currenlty no advantage to grouping up and doing the objectives together. When we group up as a corp to do harder assasignments we never take the squad option because it feels like we're penalized by taking the squad option for an assignment. If the tags where shared between group mates people would have a reason to group up in an massively MULTIPLAYER online rpg.

I think that if people where able to complete the assignment in a group there would be less demand for the assignment spawns letting the slow lockers finally get a shot in.

Everytime I perform an area or tile scan the system spawns a small item in my inventory that I delete almost right away. I see the reason for having an item created for a scan, but not for every single one. If there was a way that we could right click on a scan and save the item only when we need it.

I have also noticed that if I let my scan backlog in the map interface back up to more than 5 scans my client starts to freeze and locks up. I don't believe we need to hold on to every single scan and if we had the option to save the previous scans we wanted to hold onto we would not really need a backlog of all of the scans that where made. Perhaps a system that could let us pin/save the scans we want to hold onto.

Set Relations on people is a great function and right now we can only do it on a person by person basis. It would be nice to be able to set all my corp mates as a friendly. The ability to mark other entire corps friendly or non-friendly would help a ton as well.

I had a problem and some other folks from my corp had issues advancing the character creation process because of the non descriptive green arrow that advances to the next selection screen. Now that the game is probably going to be picking up new people I believe the green arrow should have some kind of caption that lets the player know to click it to advance to the next step. A new player should not have his first memory of this game as one of being unable to create a character due to a small, non-descript interface element.

My idea is not the end all solution, just a short term solution to a supply problem. If the person was hijacking kills he was probably bored and locking whatever spawned no matter who is or is not shooting it. If there was more supply of robots, the hijackers will be able to find things to shoot and kill and they do not have to resort to DB stealing.

Granted there are some duchebags out there that would do this just to grief you. I don't believe that one persons experience can sum up what every hijackers motives are. I think the issue is coming up because there are so many people trying to finish missions with a very low supply of killable bots. Again, this is a short term solution that (I imagine) could be easily implemented.

I agree that the current tap system for loot should be applied to DBs but that may or may not involve signifigent development time. I am also confused how squads can exploit this can you please elaborate on why you believe there is a potential exploit?

I agree that this is annoying, but the issue right now is everyone is doing the same missions. Once the population starts to spread out I think the problem will be less severe. Once people are in the pvp zone you can just blow that ks *** up.

I think an eaiser short term fix maybe increasing the amount of mechs spawned for the missions so people will spread out more because the most people I've seen camping the same spawn is 5. If there was one or two additional spawn spots the 5 people will be split up and the percived need to ks will be lessened.


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Great job with the launch. I played for 10 hours straight and in that time I only got dced once when half of my corp went out but I was able to hop right back in. I had 2 crashs after teleporting for the 30th time and there is the firing los issue. In my opinion these are the normal bugs experienced by all the other mmos out there at launch but they occured in this game with a lot less frequently.

Just to put it in perspective, when I tried aoc out again last month I would crash every hour or so and funcom is a bigger studio also aoc has been out for a long time now too.

Thank you devs for a great and stable game!