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Alliage (french Corp)  is recruiting, any sparks living exclusively in Alpha, and not planing their futur in Beta. We have many goal to reach, all for the good of alpha. So if you've got the feeling than you can be a part of this story (check The Riot - Corp Dialogues) you are most than welcome.
Your side : Speacking french (best could be French/englsih for the Com Department)
Mature, and ready to play this game by the hard way, pvp included.
Our side : Robin in the hack, and all the goodies a brotherhood can provide in any matter.


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i second that Andrew, in Mechwarrior the jumpjet was well balanced, fit in the chassis, it was speed vis jump, not to mention the mass of the mech lowering the "jump" value, and aswell the right skill to use it. it was kinda fun to Jump, launch an alpha and cover in the row.


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Hi here,
maybe it could be nice to see this kind of comfort in Gui :

Landmark, window Splitable, when the window is crowded with container it's kinda boring to select the rigth target.

Waypoint : would like to be able to color them, to make a difference between Wp about combat, geoscan, mining etc...and as well sort them by color, or family.

Container, no idea if it's already on feature : Password protected container, in the corp storage. as CEO, if i want to give or trade something to a right member, while he's not here, it's a comfort to be sure none can pick something in his personal Corp-container.

Container : going from outpost A to outpost B, when the cargo is overloaded of ammo, system bot, raw material etc...it's a nightmare when you have to sort out all of that. it will be a comfort to load Container in cargo. specialy when delivery 3 customer at once, with the same kind of raw material.

2 Container for each Corp-mate : for internal transfert of items, while the CEO or the gamer isn't here. 50K/week, that's a bit hight, when we want to set a good logistic.

Regards, and wish you the best for this game.


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/clap for this kind of event, we need more of those one.
Thanks for the effort to bring  a content from the community


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the main prob of a Sandbox, it's hardly related to what's the community want to do. most of the gamer ask for more content. make some effort, don't wait the dev to raise your imagination, create yourself event and so on.
No offense, but with poor imagination, how a community cannot be bored?
specialy during this time, PO is a realy young game, i know many of other game, who have tons of bug, lack in any content (not talking about themepark where the game take the gamer by the hand), and i'm not alone testing bunch of those empty game, and thinking PO got the good way. just give'em time.

So one more time, call your imagination for some fun ingame, ask your friend Corpo to work with you in this way. Because the other around can't play for you.

(sorry for my basic english, and again, no offense on those word)


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oki, i'll try to describe what's happen (sorry for my basic english)

Your tool on my desktop, i launch as usual (administrator right)
Excel open, and ask me if i want to activate the macro, in the case of yes or no,
once this window disappear and try to launch the tool,
i've got a pop up message, saying this tool cannot be open, due to a protection not coded for your own country

Sorry about delay on reply, and thanks for your help


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seem's we (french) can't open the Fit tool, your protection isn't coded for our country. using Excel 2000 <= just realising, maybe that's why ^^

Bump, perfect tool, thanks for this one.