hmm... what can I say? Thank you for when it was a great time to play Perpetuum.
It certainly will stay in my fond memories, as a game I had lots of fun in, with a lot of potential and sadley evolved into a troll game.  mad

Wish you all the best and thank you for your effort.


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Happy new year 2016! big_smile

I just bought extension pack 1 + 2 on my steam linked account. Redeemed all items successfully.


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❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊
❅ ☀ ❊ Merry Christmas ❅ ☀ ❊❅
❅ ☀ ❊ Boldog Karácsonyt ❅ ☀ ❊
❅ ☀ ❊ Frohe Weihnachten❅ ☀ ❊
❅ ☀ ❊ Joyeux Noël ❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊
❅ ☀ ❊ С Рождеством ❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀
❅ ☀ ❊ Feliz Navidad ❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀❅
❅ ☀ ❊ Buon Natale ❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀❅
❅ ☀ ❊ Wesołych Świąt ❅ ☀ ❊❅
❅ ☀ ❊ عيد ميلاد مجيد ❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀❅ ☀
❅ ☀ ❊ Mutlu Noeller ❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀❅
❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊❅ ☀ ❊
❅    ❅ ☀   ❊   ☀    ❊❅   ❊❅     ❊
❅    ❅    ☀   ❊       ❊     ❅   
☀ ❅      ❅     ☀   ❊           ❊     ❅   
    ☀       ☀           ☀           ☀

to all of you - MoBIoS big_smile

Ville wrote:

Can I get unbanned from your TS MoBIOS smile lol

Sure, depends for which channels tongue


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looks like Freelancer v.2 and seems to be played just like it too, mouse point and shoot.

Spose I can open up parts of our TS to the public. Hit me up for details.

Actually there were 24 in GC today aprox. 14:00 CET, whohoo \o/


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you... ermm... wayne roll


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Just for a quick update:
Multiplayer features have been implemented in march.
Such as:
in-game mail

- I am an Alpha Backer flying with Warthog Hotas, Saitek Combat pro rudder pedals and voice attack. Ingame name (and group): MoBIoS
I have been playing this game back in the 80´s on a BBC Computer with wireframe grafix and it was great fun back then already. I guess Elite is the mother of all space sim games as we now them today smile

This game is great for the immersion it gives. I am still missing some incentives for playing. I usually sit nearby a sun, entering point, and pull out player ships with their shinys out of super-cruise. But that kind of gets repetitive also after a short while.

As a Tip for quick credits, try trading rare goods, they give you a huge return. Try going to System Lave and collect all rare goods in the surrounding systems and sell them at at least 150ly away (the profit gets bigger as further away you sell them, with a diminishing return at about 150ly). System Bast is a good point to sell them, if you coming from Lave and you can buy new rare goods there again for your return trip.
Here is a good tool to find rare goods and plan your routes:

Oh that's a nice one. Yeah you definitely can be proud smile
Now the only thing we need is some balancing and this game could be back on track big_smile


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Love it. Couldn´t stop laughing. - Towards my voices in my head,  I also am left with a tinnitus tongue

Munchrock wrote:

I see alot of hating atm on these forums...

ATM? Seriously? Really?

Revert the speed boost.
Give Mechs roles again.
At present I get Fatal Error: Invalid Data! Please try again later! I guess you are taking the hamsters for a stroll.
Appreciate your effort.
Hope this game will be fun again at some point.


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I just feel like voicing my biased opinion before close.

As a dedicated Ewar / tackler / demob with well over 2 mill EP´s, (I got all the new skills all on lvl 10 also) I feel I have been totally nerfed out of this game, not giving me any more incentives to keep on playing at all.

Making a Zenith, which is a squishy paperplane anyway, now utterly useless, with a demob range of just under 400m (Head Slot: S-Demob, 4 RE, 1 Masker). At the same time the speed has been raised and so on. The distance was the tank of the already very squishy Zenith, which is alpha shot instant dead.

Well, I am most likely to narrow minded, to grasp the higher goals of this patch, raising speed of bots (why? unreal tournament with mechs soon?), and at the same time reducing range, nerfing racial bonuses,  and so much more to complain,  I can´t really be bothered to write down any more.

Well Zoom, what are your arguments, why I should keep on playing as a dedicated Ewar takler / demober? Let me guess, you don´t give a monkey´s.

Any of you dev´s actually still play your game or do you just rely on the information of who whines the loudest?
I haint sure what road your taking, but it´s for sure a dead end one.


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They are working on a new game! big_smile


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As already stated in all my other posts, yes get rid of Spark teleportation as long we have no more landmasses and scale ST in relation with the landmasses of gamma at a later stage.

I would like interzone TP´s being removed until reopening of gamma, also.

These were all mechanics which were introduced with gamma. Gamma was removed for the time beeing. But ST and interzones were left in. Which unbalances them. If you take one feature away, imo you have to take the other features away also, which were introduced for those new circumstances.


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It sound not to unrealistic. +1


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So we will wipe in about two years time again (if the game exists till then) because, after some sort of new patch/ new ads, new content, or whatever, we will have new players coming in and complaining the EP gap is to big?

That´s utter nonsense in my personal view. Besides that, I do think that I have spend a lot of money in and for this game to get my EP´s worth, in a persistent world, so it was proclaimed.


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It does not matter which is the major Power block at a given time. Is it CiR & Co, STC, STAG or who ever. It will be and has been exploited and does the opposite to promote (pvp) game play. Due to the already mentioned reasons and power projection from the safety of alpha. 

As described in past posts, I feel that ST´s at the present size of the world should be taken out of the game until Gamma. And then limit those ST´s to max 1-2 with a 12hours recharge timer.

I´d like to see Police towers back also. Yet I think they should be placed on Alpha and Beta. None on Gamma when they will be re-introduced.

Get rid of spark teleportation altogether.
The world is to small for SP´s.
It kills any aspects of pvp and the need to commit yourself on living on i.e. Beta/ Gamma.
Overhaul transport systems, i.e. fast lanes on Alpha´s, maybe teleporter layout as well on Alpha.
Frankly, spark tp is killing the game.


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Syndic wrote:

In line with this there should be a Demobilization Resistance skill introduced, because a competent EW with double short demobs will slow someone without a plate down to 2kph. smile

We already have a demobilization resistance with modules, in terms of plates.


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I have pointed this out to Gargaj and he confirmed its a bug.

Squad invites from PM Chat Tab Menu are not possible any more. The context/ sub-menu from the Squad option is missing.

I just want to make this post to be a reminder, to be addressed with the next patch.