Celebro wrote:

I'm surprised on the patch update specially as it is 150MB, but anyway fixes are spot on nice to see so soon after expansion. +1

When they make a terrain change, even 1 tile, the entire map has to be updated. Currently is just over 1,800 assets in the game data files. From icons to sounds and even island and robot models.

They said in the patch notes to expect a large patch. I honestly like that they're fixing age old terrain issues and cleaning up some of the new ramps.


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Dadar wrote:

can't be higher then t3 i have never ever killed a t3 and i have' tbought any kernals either so it has to be on t1 bot as thats all i ever kill i just don't know which faction as i have't been able to get any futher progress and have killed at all the spots i have since patch maybe i just have't gotten lucky yet.

I believe that the stabiliser is from all factions. Standard will probably unlock from T1 kernels but as it's a random chance you'll not get an accurate picture of which factions provide better research until you're near the end of the T1 research (Which will require T2+ kernels as the amount of research you get from T1 kernels drops off the more research you do)

It's refreshing to see issues getting addressed quickly and minor balance changes getting tested out again. Small balance changes keep this game interesting as it effects the flavour of the month a lot.

I haven't tested the patch yet but the patch notes are impressive and I think just what this game needed after the expansion.

Good work.


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Line wrote:

gotta love when chaos is trying to balance stuff

We used to leave Pelistal islands to the HUN corp to balance.. Recent decline in HUN activity has seen overall game balances decrease. It's rather interesting and totally unrelated to the Developers being Hungarian. For sure.

The hybrid robot system is currently a design concept. Would be awesome if you could purchase Leg, Chassis and Heads and mix and match (new parts, not reusing the old ones) much in the same some games allow you to craft unique items or similar to how EVE does T3 ships.

I would love to be able to make a robot have more fittings for less slots or more slots for less fittings and all the other variables.

Uncle Mo wrote:
Annihilator wrote:
Uncle Mo wrote:

I was referring to cycles.  Surly the game mechanics could be taken into account to calculate the degrade level for the following cycles and take the appropriate amount of materials.

can't be done - degrade of CTs is random based and happens at the end of the cycle.
theres no way to forsee how much materials the next cycle needs.
taking more materials then displayed would cause even more forum posts.
precalculating with random factor would make it exploitable (refresh window until i get a lower degration)

There's no reason that the RNG can't calculate each cycle at the beginning.

And then it'll have to store those values for when the event to change the CT quality is called. It'll also feel weird that you're somehow able to forecast the mineral cost and could just open and close the window until you get the cheapest randomisation.

I can see the issue and why it's confusing. Perhaps we could just remove cycles and increase quantities? Double the current values and refund the cycle EP or something like that.


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Uncle Mo wrote:
Campana wrote:

I would suggest adding spaces instead of commas or decimals, since that would avoid both Euros and Brits/Americans getting confused over a different convention. I think they have already done this in some parts of the game.

100 000
1 000 000

I like that.

I like that too.
Girls always have the right ideas. I guess it's all the bills they have to pay with their new independence and the ability to vote. Next they'll want to grow a male appendage. *Tuts*


RG_StORmTrAin wrote:

This is where the problem starts. any more suggestions?

  9   207 ms   201 ms   171 ms  po5.ar2.FRA4.gblx.net []
10   189 ms   187 ms   187 ms
11   187 ms   194 ms   187 ms
12   187 ms   185 ms   185 ms
13   189 ms   187 ms   187 ms
14   192 ms   190 ms   194 ms
15   189 ms   189 ms   189 ms  gameserverb.perpetuum-online.com []

Trace complete.

Without seeing the hops before we can't tell if it's a distance or router issue. If you're in the US for example and hop 8 was to somewhere in the US you're crossing an ocean in one hop that's going to add some latency. If however you're in France (Location of this router) and seeing this level of MS then something is wrong.

What you're looking at is pretty much the average of the US Latency.


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I agree that the events system could do with a few tweaks. Increases should still be yellow but decreases should be red. Rather than + and - before each number. And please do add the option to allow formatting the numbers to either 100,000,000 or 100.000.000 (I'd prefer comma as that's the standard in the UK and US but I don't know what the global agreed standard is.

Uncle Mo wrote:

In lieu of personal housing, can you develop a mechanic where we can purchase 'lockers' or common storage at terminals.  Allow us to set permissions for characters not on that account to access that storage and lock all others out.

It would be helpful with those of us with multiple accounts to share modules without having to be there constantly to trade.  Also they could be used by corporations as an additional mechanic to issue mods and materials to certain corp members. 


Personal housing? Wait wut?

In case this isn't a troll:
I really like the idea of linked storages across multiple characters. The corporation storage current isn't able to provide this well enough without high level of trust but I guess that's so that multiple accounting has at least a few drawbacks.Shared folders in personal storage would be interesting. Like a drop-box of sorts. I'd personally keep most of my storage shared across two of my characters as they do nearly the same job. But I can also see this being hard to implement.

This cannot be done simply because Cycles was implemented by a player request for the purpose of producing smaller items in larger quantities like ammo. Anyone using it for anything other than ammo doesn't understand how to produce. Each cycle will degrade the CT and a new mineral cost will be calculated each cycle.

There are two factor when producing Quantity and Cycles. Increasing cycles is pretty much the worst thing a producer can do and is only really a good idea once all your production skills are above level 5.

If you're confusing Quantity (Runs) and Cycles (Loops) then it would be a good idea to clarify. I don't produce and have no idea if the total minerals for the Quantity (Runs) is taken which it should be.


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To Devs:
If this is to get enough money to move the server then just say that with X numbers of months purchased you could move the server and see what happens. If you also need to decrease the discount percentages (And the discount is still pretty good for those who buy in bulk) then say what it is in aid of (Other than staying alive of course.. Which is sub-important)

To Players:
Take a look below and see that you're still SAVING money when buying in bulk. When you buy anything you pay the price at the time of purchase. Sometimes this is great for when investing during price increases, say in the housing market. And other times it sucks like when you buy a new TV and a week later the store has a 20% discount day. Anyone 'Outraged' should probably rethink their statement.

Cost (Saving vs buying 30 days at a time / Saving per month)
30 days - $9.95
90 days -  $23.95 ($6 / $2 PM)
180 days - $41.95 ($17.75 / $2.95 PM)
365 days - $71.95 ($49.10 / $4.03 PM)

30 day code: $9.95
90 day code: $26.95 ($2.90 / $0.96 PM)
180 day code: $49.95 ($9.75 / $1.625 PM)
360 day code: $94.95 ($24.45 / $2.0375 PM)

If anyone has an issue with the above then they don't have to worry about anything because  they don't have enough money to eat and will die before a yearly subscription runs out YAY!

The end.


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Drainers no longer effect NPC's just like any support equipment. I guess it's because they're immune to enemy warfare or something.

Either way draining NPC's should work but it hasn't since the expansion. I don't believe it's a feature as it shouldn't want any sense. I believe it was meant to be a warning and then work anyway butt the warning cancels the action.

Alexadar wrote:

If you cant handle mech explosion with your short range mech - then check your mechanics skills and leg slots. Its logical that close Range guys should have more hitpoints because they should survive while approaching the enemy, and as result they should be able to handle AOE damage from mech explosion.

I mean, current AOE functionality is fine.

I do agree that when using close range weapons you should be expecting to take some explosion damage (20m Optimal + Surface size * 10) but not all of it. If you're using a close range robot tanking it isn't the best option as it needs to be faster than the enemy.

The current optimal balance is around 80m to 100m for a short range but high damage robot fast enough to approach the enemy and survive. Problem is that usually after 1 or 2 enemies have died even if you're only taking 0%-20% damage the enemy is outputting 150 to 300 damage at those ranges when they die (Mech and above). Speed and range is the only way now. We'll probably even see large groups not using T4 weapons any more and choosing T2 equipment just for the speed advantage, perhaps even T3 weapons that have a range bonus.


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This mainly effect short range missiles being used on slow Pelistal robots (All of them) or long range missiles vs a target faster than the missile firing robot. It just means don't fire your missiles at your optimal range, wait a few more meters. It does make it a little more realistic I guess.

Interference should add more damage to explosions and then lower the base level of damage.

10417: Transaction cannot complete.
The transaction cannot complete successfully. Instruct the customer to use an alternative payment method.
Account not associated with a usable funding source.
Credit card or Billing Agreement is required to complete payment

You don't have enough money or a valid credit card. Did it expire? Check it. It is a valid Paypal error and nothing to do with Perpetuum.


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Hot-fixed yet?

bladvin wrote:

**Snip** Lack of content **Snip**

I agree that new players are thrown into the world which is pretty much a sink of swim moment and there lacks a storyline, even a short one. It would be nice to see the fluff and tutorial linked together to get people up to speed on what to expect and not expect.
I do like the complete openness of later play but at the start I think joining and instantly being told "You can't do anything alone." is off putting to new players. (Which isn't necessarily true in all cases but most)


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Smokeyii wrote:

Good luck guys. Can you talk more about your current goals?

Axe is pretty much back to square 2. At least they've still for their research (I think).
I wouldn't expect anything amazing from them just yet but I would hope they can increase their activity and set themselves some nice achievable tasks.


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An MK2 Castel will probably at the very least will probably cost just over double that of a Castel. This is by no means expensive overall but the survivability of a Castel MK2 when compared with a Waspish is minimal and Waspish are cheaper. A Castel Mk2 does have its roles in the game but past being a fancy light robot for some situations where it's more beneficial than a Waspish they are limited.

It's balanced. End of.


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Syndic wrote:

I am serious. If we're talking about what to do next, 4-5 days after the first expansion in perpetuum, might as well implement a WoW arena thing. I mean, it takes at least a month before people chew through a WoW expansion, here its already "whats the next thing" after less then a week.

Just sit back and let them develop the game. Or hell, if we want a 100% fair fight, merge all megacorps, remove tiered gear from the game, and develop an auto-matchup system when 2 groups meet for equal number & equal bot type fights.

... Or we could just play GW / wait for GW2...

I am not talking about right now. I am not saying that the current balance is wrong. What I wanted to bring forward was that gear, tactics and knowledge are great. Having them is important but robots are not hard to get, gear is not hard to get and training doesn't usually take too long to learn the basics and practise them. Numbers are another whole factor that ranges from 1 to as many as you can log in. This game is all about the big guy beating up the little guy. It's why we see so many NAP's flying around. Not always a bad thing as they never last long but does this game really want to be just another MMO that is winnable if you just bring more players?

I am not suggesting any changes. I am not suggesting anything change right now as the expansion only just released. The expansion isn't like another game expansion. The only new content to "Play through" is a tour of each island. The rest of the game stayed the same but it did what it needed to do. It got people back and playing. I just wanted to judge other players feedback (And I am sure there are more players than just CIR.. Somewhere.. Anywhere?) on the current situation.

New players enter the game lost and unable to get a feel for the game. They instantly can't communicate with others without the use of general chat or use the market and most of them comment on these. Then you have the end of game corporations that have been there and done that to just about anything. How long before they bored of amassing war funds?

I would LOVE to see the official stats on robots being created and destroyed. My guess is at the very least for every 1 robot that falls there are 2 produced or created. (Not including all the refunds)


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Syndic wrote:

Tbh if 2 groups meet, the game should automatically put them into an arena-instance and auto-upgrade everyone's gear to equal levels, so if a 10 man group runs into a 100 man group, they'll get teleported into a 10v10 instance, and then they can duke it out.

Gear also wont be unbalancing because system would automatically upgrade whichever side had inferior gear to equal value gear.


Nice troll. That's not at all what I was talking about.. Heh.