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They should change keys weekly.. keep some excitement going!

So former players THAT DO NOT PLAY are wanting to stop players that do play the ability to share bots. Too funny that the bitter EX PLAYER still feels the need to troll the forums trying to get players banned. How about you go play sims online and quit worrying about a game YOU NO LONGER play.

Luke Broker wrote:

the sheet is missing industrial robot control skill. which can add 10% to mining amount depending on its level.

Actually its 5% per level of skill but good of you to point it out for addition.

Also, (I haven't looked at it yet) if you haven't yet, you may want to configure for specific robots bonuses as well.

Thanks for sharing.


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Get a dedicated vid card.. a cheap $50-$75 will work fine. Perp doesn't have big reqs.


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Targets could be comrades! Comrades good. Targets good. Win-Win!


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Yes it seems a bit silly we are controlling these advanced bots from billions miles away but they have no GPS installed or site locations tracking?

COME ON DEVS, I COULD DO BETTER! You guys have had how many years to make Perp better. Game is supposed to be FUN to PLAY not CHORE to play.

You guys just like complaining I think. No matter what, you can always find a reason to *** and moan because CIR or whoever is actually playing and having a little fun. Undock and get after it.. nothing stopping you from playing the GAME!


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Lalala and the beat goes on..

hump for wodka!


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Yes, Field cans too.. Annoying!


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Good time for this to be refreshed maybe?

Hail Lemon (and Arga!) Good to see you guys around even though I haven't been in awhile. Lemon if you aren't playing you should be. Looking forward to getting back in the flow...


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Wow. Some very nice work done there Doek. Holler at me in-game sometime and I'd like to help if can.

It's your fault.

You guys are so harsh. Damn! None of you must work in IS/IT or you would know SH*T happens sometimes. Especially with coding. Maybe a typo can cause servers to come unglued and crash, or an ISP loses a connection etc. SH*T happens. Give them time to fix it and hopefully it will be better than before. I don't know if they have a *Frys down the street or not but sometimes it does take a minute to get stuff fixed.
I believe in feedback but maybe a little less rude could do.

*Frys= electronics store to get new hard drives etc. smile

Bullet holes with band-aids on them, $2 for 10 smile

Yes, you guys need to have a steady cash flow so listen to the people here a bit, you will find many good ideas.

As for the price.. $20 is too cheap, make it $30 and give all new players a decent bot to strive for. Give them a decent heavy mech of choice and then they will have even more reason to stay and work for something.


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I hate when that happens too. Servers crapping atm it seems.

My momma says Perp is like a box of chocolates.. you never know what you're gonna' get.

Hail all pilots! I shall see you soon once again..

Winter Solstice wrote:

Maybe I should blame NeX.  When we ask for people to donate their kernels, the answer 90% of the time is "That is my primary income".

This means: 100+ players if not more are selling kernels on open market, whether the corp desperately needs them or not, for the NIC.

I hear time and time and time again from beta island players and "communist corps" that "NIC means nothing".  Now you have a wave of players who think "NIC means everything".  So suddently these alleged piles of cash you guys Scrooge McDuck dive through:  http://post.cloudfront.goodinc.com/Embe … mcduck.jpg

... has meaning again.

Unless it is all a load of bull****, and none of you are as rich as you claim.

Edit:  And let me add again - "not putting on the open market to support the enemy" then crying there's no one to PvP is as counterproductive as it friggin' gets.  SUPPORT THE OPEN MARKET === MORE PVP.

Once you see the light of how things work so much more efficiently the "communist" way you will see why nic has such little real value and how our corp has hundreds of millions (billions??) banked from the work members put into farming for the corp, not individuals. If you cannot control how members use Corp-Needed kernals then you may have already lost any real possibility of competing on the NIA plains. 100 Rambos will lose. 

Greedy piggy corps will always fail vs "us" because you cannot maintain ops and replenish losses as we can and do. You can try as many have and will do.. but you have been warned. Do it the right way or you are doomed to failure/defeat/embarrassment. Then all you are left with is a corp in shambles, a shadow of its' former self and you will be trolling for pity posts here to show how proud you still are. (see the J pos(t)ers for examples of that.)

Also, we do sell some mods etc on the market since we don't need to store 300+ of anything and it is fun to blow up stuff our corp made and sold and loot it sometimes. read the fine print labels to see where it was manufactured. smile

p.s. if your members are using kernals to make money they are being stupid or ignorant.. teach them the right way. If you do not know, ask.. we will help all that seek knowledge.

Nice job. Thanks.


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Not sure what all your "Quantum Mechanics that allows particles to share information with each other instantaneously" have to do with chat since it is humans controlling the bots across space but coolio.. good deal.

(particles sharing information??)

There is no current way to drive undetected to a target island. He stated "teleport to any target island teleporter"

Good idea although I'd rather it be silent. Why would a corp make something that announces you are coming? This is supposed to be a planet that corps from Earth send bots to gather resources.. it is not a "lets setup a playtime that everyone is aware of and we can battle then" There should be surprises for everyone everywhere all the time.


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Sandbox means you do what you want to. Let others do what they want. If they want to drive in circles and amass a lot of NIC, whats it to you? Jealous?

Until you go and play on BETA you have no idea whats involved. The ignorance is huge with so many of you ALPHA dwellers.. it would do you good to find out before you spew nonsense in the forums.


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Trust the ones you can drive to their house and punch in the nose if they mess up.