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Would love to come and play but I will be at work at that time sad


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I have lost a couple of MK2 Waspish to these figments of my imagination.  When PvP or NPCing and you cross a line it gets much worse and I have experienced NA lag that lasted well past my death sad

make new cheap (made in china) ones that have a random warm up between 1 and 30 seconds.  I think that would liven up the day   smile

They should be able to be made anywhere and go anywhere but their guns will only fire on Beta.


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Mineral and mining changes
I'll start with the good news, so maybe we can sell this off as a good thing™: we'll increase the mining yield of one cycle for every raw material by 50%. And we'll reduce mineral regeneration rates accordingly. Sounds bad at first, but this only hurts those grinding at the same mineral field every day, while the rest of the island is like an untouched mining paradise.

We'll also remove titan ore from beta islands. There's been many discussions about how all the beta corporations are too self-sufficient, which hurts the economy, and alpha corporations don't really have anything they could offer for them. Hopefully this change will start some goods exchange between alpha and beta islands. It's important to note that we will only stop the regeneration of titan ore, so current minerals will stay in the ground until they are all fully mined out.

That was copied from here: http://blog.perpetuum-online.com/archive/2011/04/

Now I know for a fact that the Titan ore was never mined out, it just was not there one day.  I had been mining it one day and the next (after a patch for something) it was gone.  I asked about it but never got a reply as to why this occured.

I am all for Titan on Beta  smile

Looks like a Gropho stepped on it   tongue


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Line wrote:

Porblem isn't people are using assaults for roaming, porblem is - people using them MOSTLY. I want to see mixed roaming groups, much more mixed.

Agreed, but nerfing them back to the way they were is not going to solve that issue.


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I think the best way to solve the issue is to make assaults able to see assaults at 1000m.  That way PVP roaming mobs will require a blend of assaults and mechs.  All one or the other wont be good enough against a combined group.  Nerfing them back to what they were will just make them useless again.