lol This guy ^ hahahaha big_smile Look out folk's we got a bad *** over here! E-Thug incoming! tongue

Aye Pod wrote:
Cassius wrote:

Aye Pod, my personal criticism of this game revolves around the handling of Gamma and it's future. This is not a new player issue. Nor has any of your factions actions affected my decision not to play. I was a vet and used to how you play. It's the newer players that are affected most.


But seriously life must not be THAT fun cause here you still are, making more posts about not playing.

*Edited for kindness

You act like people dont have time to post to a forum while at work. haha

I'm sorry Syndic, but you are wrong, reroll 10 of your best PVPers into new chars, and put them against 10 vet chars, let's see how well your "tactics and strategy" hold up. lol I have a suspicion they will not.

Motorbaot's most dead on statement is the EP pool, and 90% of it has sat with CIR/77. Unless every oldschool player comes back and had an active sub or atleast 650k+ EP, the balance will always be broken. Tactics do not negate EP, they never have in this game and never will.


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I'll take your response as you concede defeat. Good day sir.


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lol It's hilarious to see you STILL going on about that. I wonder if you wake up in a cold sweat every night, cursing my name and shaking your fist at the sky. bahahaha Go delete your own account and make up more stories kid, cause this one is old and frail.


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Ville wrote:

you can spin it how you want Jita, YOU stomped out the new corps like NSI and Ghost division, you coupled with Chaos and Cons.  We left them the *** alone to do their own thing.  YOU did that while claiming the likes of "Well STAG was there!"  Well who the *** cared Jita?  What was wrong with the *** idea that Stag would absord those new corps and grow?

Wheres STAG now Jita?  Where are they ?  On *** Alpha Jita and not playing.  Don't play some bullshit ring around the rosey game.  YOU, caused the Norhoop new corps to collapse and your current alliance claim to fame was destroying an island full of newbies.  Then your players in your alliance have the Nerve to blame us for coming to the island to pvp.  The nerve you people have.


Must take into account people with *** computers and *** internet connections.


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You da man. smile


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Yo Zoomy,

Can we get a blog or perhaps a little snipit of information on what you guys are working on and where we are headed? Been quiet around these parts bro.


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Hi, welcome to Perp. If you need anything please let me know. smile


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You would of gotten an email, if you were eligible for your accounts to be converted to free accounts. It seems to me you played for a month and then left. This game has been around for 2 years, and you put in what you got back. Nothing. Sorry but you dont get to play for free without something put in.


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I think I may have figured out what is causing this issue and how to fix it for until the Dev's can fix their side of the problem.

(Windows 7 Users)
In order to remedy this problem click Start > Control Panel > Change View at the top right hand corner of the window to Small or Large Icons > Click User Accounts > Click Change User Account Control Settings > Move the toggle bar all the way down to the bottom. Reboot

(Windows 8 Users)

Click Start button, and then click Control Panel. In the search box, type uac, and then click Change User Account Control settings. Move the toggle bar all the way down to the bottom. Reboot

By disabling this it has no real adverse effect on your computer unless your in a Domain environment, which I would assume none of you are. Anyways, once you complete this, reboot your computer for the new permissions to take effect and then give it a try. If this does not solve it for you please post here so the Dev's know. I hope this helps, if not feel free to private message me and I will be happy to help if I can.


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My posts are merely to "stir up the hornets nest" of players. Nothing to do with the actual game. Move along trollski.


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I don't really play anymore, however I wish no ill will on this dame and its developement, if the dev's would like to contact me, I own a technology company that deals with these sort of threats and preventative measures to keep them from happening. This service I would gladly offer for free.


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Gremrod wrote:
Snowman wrote:

in reality though I would be concerned for you guys if you did get on steam.  You could barley handle the tiny influx of Eve's player base which is a game of only a few hundred thousand accounts, put yourself infront of the several millions of Steam customers and you will melt down, instantly.

If you recall. The reason they could not handle the influx, was because of a change that was done a couple patches before the influx. Once they fixed it they handled that amount of players with no problem.

So, in reality I would not be concerned since it has been fixed.

Famous last words? lol


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Poasting on the Forums and actually logging in to play are two different things entirely, and if one is so inclined can multi task this WHILE playing another game....... roll


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I actually like TOG Omen, and you lol smile But Ive gotten rolled on Alsbale alot. Sooooo it was always a trade off man. Always.


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Why play a dieing/dead game anyways? What are you defending here? A tiny community bent on self mutilation and self destruction? Arga you are the 1%, and thats becuase you dont actually PVP. Your choice but this games foundation is built around PVP. And PVP breeds ego's. It always has and always will. A full year of the meta game and the dwindling community, what else do you have in mind for early releasers/beta players to do that we have no already accomplished? Wait for the new hauler to come out and haul more sh*t? No thanks.

And like I keep saying over and over and over. This decision was already in motion a month ago and was floating around about moving on to a new game due to lack of stuff to do since SQUID left beta.


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Tonnik your quite full of something I call gullible. Keep dreaming junior. lol


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Which also constitutes a divide among the Dev's, if one thought a ban was required then the other said no, then the other said yea healthy dev team..... lol roll


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My medicine? Nothing happened to my assets, and anyone elses. 1 player got banned. lol 1 player who owns like 15 accounts. All accounts in which have equal or more EP than that 1 player had. haha Yea medicine.....right.....


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Cheaters lol See M2S's insurance fraud and M2S's duping fraud. Thats real cheating. Account sharing.....haha roll