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alfri wrote:

How i can load my agent in the game?

Hi Alfri :-)

I think you cannot load.

Simply you can create a plan for your agent, ad see how many time you need for.

Set your attributes on the right bottom corner and enjoy it

See you in game! ;-) I will going to reset tomorrow :-P

Two years old eve player. I was on eve when BOB was defeated :-) and little before that :-)

Perpetumm is like eve but on ground.

I very apprecitate any effort, this game could be a new addicted game, and a big project (for money too...) for all game coder...

Is a good begin for me, the mechanism of the game is more simple then CCP game, but they can improve quickly... i think i will be here for a while (if my wifle leave me free.. :-)

I'm very happy to see this game, some improve for graphic is appreciate, but u have time... :-P

C u!

In eve is the old "Fly safe!".. and here?!?! :-))