Current walls for beta only.

PBS needs better walls and gates. Walls should not be allowed to block pathing completely. Gates can be places between walls that allow areas to be closed off.


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Arga wrote:

Decaying walls. The purpose of this mechanic would be to limit the number of deployed wall tiles, by making it too time consuming to maintain. So, decloaked, this suggestion is purely about limiting the amount of walls a corp can deploy, not about making the wall system better. There is already an existing mechanic to limit the maxium number of wall tiles that can be deployed, which is 21.5% of the 21x21 area. As a practical matter, a lower limit would actually be better, since it would reduce griefing (closing off killing allys) by allowing corps to max an area out easier.

tl;dr- Walls already have a mechanic that limits deployment, decay is about punishing corps for using walls, and trying to return the game to Roam vs. Roam.

It seems that main issue with walls is that they're being layered to block paths. While the devs are correct that you only have to breach a single wall unit doing this can be very hard. I think allowing the entire map of walls to be shown when you teleport to an island would make sense so at least roaming parties could open the map and leave.

In some cases being able to walk as the path would have usually allowed would mean hitting at least 3 layers of walls with 1.1km of a teleporter. 3 walls takes around 9 bombs and not many corps will agree that 22.5 million is worth investing for access to an island.

You can feel the shift already. Beta is being turned into sudo-alpha. The time and effort now required to attack an island with a force that will catch something has been greatly reduced and it's not like many corps wanted to attempt to take outposts before. While walls will help hold an outpost they are discouraging PVP is a already asset glutinous community.

Walls are a nice idea and are fun to use however looking at the past record of flight or fight.. What did the devs honestly expect would happen. "Walls yourself in and mine all the epriton" or "Make mazes to slow down attackers".

Ehh, rant over. I was just starting to get back into PVP but my experience with walls have sent me back to training new players.

TL;DR - Walls should have been for outpost owners and ONLY available from 500m from outpost to 2.5km from outpost.


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1. Because walls are only 1 pixel but highlighting them should be made clearer.

2. Walls don't seem to cache or store. I noticed this about the radar if you dock and deploy again. (Feature?)


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Looks like the info window has broken again.

It did this before. But yes, confirmed that Termis doesn't not show max targets correctly.

Make it optional on the radar and then yes +1


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Kanogi wrote:

Thanks Ville, and i kind of agree that the plasma bombs are  a little bit over priced one fully grown wall section cost 100k and the bomb damages around 10 wall sections so the bomb should cost around 10*100k

Don't forget that you only need to breach one tile to make a whole line of wall a useless decoration.

Apart from that fact you need MORE than a 1 bomb to break one wall and on Kentagura alone you have to get through 5.


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Walls should decay based on the number of walls around them. (Within 21x21 or whatever it currently is).

But yes. Walls should need to be maintained weekly.

This could then be selected and filter the entire market.
Currently to search the market you have to know which sub category to select first before filters.

Mainly to help new players but also to speed up market transactions for some people if they want to search for say "Harvest" and get ammo modules etc.. at the same time

Dan wrote:
Alexadar wrote:

As possible variant: limit walls to be constructed in a X KM radius around your structure (outpost), not further.

Lupus wrote:

1)  Walls become non-permanent structures, that have a limited life and have to be replaced, or require some maintenance to keep them healthy

2)  Walls have an associated cost over time.  Call it a maintenance fee, for every wall segment you have, there would be a monthly fee.

Those are the worst ideas ever. Walls are awesome as they are now. The only sad thing is that they are a little bit weak, even in final stage hmm

Start farming NIC so you could build your own stronghold instead of trying to ruin good content. You are really too lazy.


Walls are not strong, they are resilient. They ignore low amounts of damage almost completely but you hit them with enough force at the same time and CRACK.

If you're a light robot roaming game, it's time to change tactics a little. You'll enjoy it soon enough.


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Finally all those kernels pay off? Flood dat market! <3


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The idea of an API system has been around for a long time. Gargaj, the man with the plan, has made similar API systems before (As far as I know). API systems are brilliant once up and running but maintaining them, updating them and creating them in the first place is not easy.

This would be like DDoS'ing the server and then claiming that PBS was introduced because of your actions.

Does this mean I can lay claims to a few systems myself having posted and talked on IRC about systems that later come into existence?


Sent Gremrod a £50 AdWord code.


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I think the issue is that when you reload all weapons it treats each weapon individually rather than a whole set. It would be very complicated to add checks on available ammo and number of guns reloading at the same time but it is possible (Because it can be written it can be programmed even if it's complicated)

It would be nice if Reload All and Reload were handled differently and this is really down to Gargaj. I challenge Gargaj to come up with a system where reload all can reload all weapons evenly with the remaining ammo available.

Shouldn't be too hard.


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Also enabling all geoscans in a folder at once.

Line wrote:

-1. Incubator-style flora is boring.

I disagree. They're cheap and are be place around walls for extra really cheap protection. You can also now hide your Noralgis even better.

However they should grow quickly but not instantly and currently they seem to be a bit buggy.

While you find it boring Line you don't have to use them but for some of us they add a nice of extra sand to beta islands.

ALL ammos are not adjusting range correct as far as I am aware.
Range extenders are giving too much bonus now.
Tunings are giving a greater bonus when stacked. (Marginal)

Surprise wrote:

Also I would like to suggest that you set up a donation drive and allow us to donate money which you can use adwords to drive the game with

+1. I can only think of a company PayPal for such things but there are other services.


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Jasdemi wrote:

Ungrateful basterds. You will thank me once we have a real KB with API spport. The devs are now kinda forced to do something as there no longer are any alternatives left.

No, the devs are far more higher priority things on their to do list and making an API isn't just a one afternoon thing.
All it means is you just trolled a player made add-on that was based on trust for the fact of tracking activity.

Hunter wrote:

2DeV's: You awesome good job with mob's. I like it. (no sarcasm)

2notDeV's: Learn how to play. Learn how to kill mobs. Learn how to not cry. Enjoy!  wink

Farming low end mobs got harder but not by much. The issue now is the old RR style does not work as well. The new style is kill them as they spawn. It was always the easiest but required the most man power. Now if you're farming you might as well take 2 combats and 1 RR rather than 1 combats and 2 RR.

If there is one thing I know well it's the different ways to farm NPC's (Because apparently I've never PVPed before according to a few people). tongue

Feeds have been removed. Likely to hide the success of the DDoS attacks.

The server is up and running HOWEVER due to servers being moved around you need to wait for DNS caches to flush.

This should, if you're reading this post, have been done by now but I don't know if this will have effected the DDoS attacks at all.

Always check … h_1200.png for more info.


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Line wrote:

Words words words words..



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Really good UI video. I believe the basic layout of the UI has already changed but your explanation of each element and how to use it or what it does was brilliant. I really hope people benefit from watching these.

Alexadar wrote:
Siddy wrote:
Hunter wrote:

Black mesmers/seths/grophos only for champions.

Who needs black, make them pink!

Request to made pink ictus was declined(


It would be nice to set routes on the map, name them and then when on the terrain move to the start/end point of any of the routes and press "Run Travel Route [NAME]?" as a UI button.

Client side settings perhaps? That way you could set hauling routes from teleporters to terminals making hauling a bit more automatic and also fun to sit back and watch rather than intensively control.