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Interesting parts:

  • You can dock in the main terminal

  • Builds will have varying in and out types and amounts.

  • Alt corps and alliances will be very powerful if they work together and guard each sector of the island

  • Main terminals will be rather small. Bases will be very large.

DEV Gargaj wrote:

not layered like you would expect.

They're as layered as they get, and I'd say it's pretty obvious considering how e.g. the robot icons sometimes have the little tier-flap, and sometimes they don't.

But yeah, the idea is nice - I'll poke BoyC about it, he wrote the equipping window.

*Does a small victory dance*
W-What.. It's a small victory... But it's worth celebrating! (I knew something Anni didn't!)


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I'd suggest trying IRC and raising a support ticket.

These things seem to be happen rather often..

I'd love to see native Linux and Mac clients but given that a lot of big companies can't managed this I don't like to ask for too much. hmm

There are usually other options at the user end (Duel Booting, Boot Camp or whatever Apple call it) which isn't perfect but it's.. a start..

DEV Gargaj wrote:

It's weird but there seems to be a discrepancy between the root certificates provided for the Windows and Mac versions - I know I made sure both IE/Chrome/Firefox validate the cert correctly (Opera still has a problem), but I didn't know the OSX version is lacking, but as said it's strange because the Windows version validates correctly.

So we'll get less users for an unsupported version of the client.
Sounds.. Err.. Balanced?


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Annihilator wrote:

certain plants cannot grow next to each other, or to close together (like in terraria, where you need to leave 3 blocks between acorn seed)  Quarmyra is probably one of it.

you know that rule from noralgis - which you need to leave at least one tile inbetween. noralgis also will die off next to triandlus.

Would be nice if there was a way to get this data from the game (Without trial and error). The devs don't document things like this and patterns are easy to spot. We end up with lots of rumors and half truths about the way things work (Emergence of patterns can take a very long time). Then we have the player who are informed by outside sources and spread the rules of the games through whispers.

It's interesting. We have gods, prophets and followers. Perpetuum is a religion. yikes

Stop making more threads about the same thing!

[Thread Derailed before it can begin.]

I heard about this a while ago but there wasn't enough in formation about it but looking at the art work and ideas it looks very interesting. Damn shame there are no robots!


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Poor Alf..


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DEV Zoom wrote:

The idea is a new deployable wall maintenance device, which will repair walls in a fixed radius. However the device can only repair a fixed amount of overall HP, so if there are many damaged walls in its effect radius, it will deplete its reserves faster and you will possibly need to deploy more of it to fully repair all the walls. The device will have a relatively short lifetime during which it performs its work, so it will only provide a lockable target for enemies for that time.
Could you make this another none-targetable structure like the walls that effects all wall units within Wm and will repair X amount of damage every Y hours until Z amount of repairs are done. More walls = faster drain like you said. This also doesn't run the risk of repairing walls while your attacker attacks them.

We will also make two other changes in the next patch affecting walls:
1. Interference emitter modules will have a LOS check for deployment.
This won't stop them being used to knock down walls but it will limit where they can be used.
2. Walls will only start to decay in their last few growth phases.
This goes without saying..


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Walls cost 50K.
12 charges 60K.
Total wall cost 110K to rush a wall to level 12.

12 charges are needed to reach max level (12) with 255 HP.

Walls with 255 HP will take from 17 days to 28 days to decay to 0 HP.

However this is a mad sink of time. Once every 2 weeks EVERY wall must have 2-3 charges pumped into it.

Devs need to see this is madness. Maintenance is now a massive time sink as well as a small NIC sink.


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Lobo wrote:
Alexadar wrote:

The issue is not in maintenance. Current walls was built without any thoughts of maintenance. Issue is in money what was spent for walls. I want money back for walls, and remove all wall what was planted by my corp.


QFT Explain to the guy who made a 5 row deep wall that the interior will now start to crumble cause you can't get to it.... fuuu

Range extenders. 50M range on the compilers.


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ANOTHER THREAD?!gshks kfgsdfl

Devs, remove this mans forums access as he doesn't understand how to use it!

fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu fuuu


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I don't fully understand the issue here. Is it a bug or a feature?
Walls are persistent as far as I was aware but require maintenance to keep them going.

Can someone explain (Rather than spamming the forums with QQ, rage and what looks like a night of tears from teamspeal) what happened? Did only old walls disappear?

Did all walls everywhere disappear and do you KNOW what happened to them? It's likely a bug with the wall growth mechanic. You know walls are considered a plant. You know plants die after they reach their final cycle HOWEVER the devs have made no official comment as to whether this has been a bug or a feature.

If it were a feature you should have noticed the walls degrading. If they're suddenly ALL disappearing that sounds like a bug. Bugs can be fixed.

Terrain layers can be replaced. Bugs happen. They do not have to compensate you for your walls and such but they can. It's not easy to but they can remove every single wall from the game, refund EVERY transaction related to walls and be back at the beginning.

Odd things can happen and the devs need to respond quickly to this issue. The first reported incident of this happening was around midnight Wednesday night and the devs were likely sleep. Now that the devs are waking up we'll see what they have to say.


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Tux, if you want to be heard please keep everything to a single thread else it's impossible to follow.

Before demanding your money back I think we should first find out if the walls are broken or not. NIC is hardly important whether you spent 1 billion or 100 billion. It's all fake money.

First things firsts, walls are plants. Walls probably NOT intended to die like plants. Walls MAY be designed to slowly lose health over time while also growing (And increasing their health). This could mean that final stage walls require a weekly maintenance to keep them above 50% health however I find this very UNLIKELY.

Secondly, the devs have done this before and can do it again. They can remove every wall unit from the game, refund them, roll back the terrain layers (Possibly very hard) and be back to where we started. They can then patch the wall death bug and this issue goes away and walls are back to being spammy, annoying and filling the sandbox with poopy sand rather than pure sand.

Finally, if this IS an intended feature it was not documented correctly and refund should be given to any deployed walls and the feature continued and maintained. It's really not hard. Please try to keep a level head. It's pixels and the devs are hugely reasonable and intelligent people. Well.. Mostly.. anyway..


Lemon wrote:


Meet my Baby.

i5 2500k
GTX560  TI 2gb
8gb DDR3

Tri-Box /2 Montiors Max settings
Quad-Box/ 2 Monitors Simple bots on most

We must have separated twins! tongue

Annihilator wrote:

ah, the consumption per 2 second is missing in description.

its kinda working like the eccms during last summer, or better - like masking modules did work when they have been introduced.

seems like someone forgot to adjust that.

Yes, someone must have forgotten to fix it. The cycle time of maskers should be 5 seconds with a static AP * Robot size taken every 5 seconds. None of this 2 second effect drain. It's not documented correctly and feels terrible.

Annihilator wrote:

ah, the consumption per 2 second is missing in description.

its kinda working like the eccms during last summer, or better - like masking modules did work when they have been introduced.

seems like someone forgot to adjust that.

Yes, someone must have forgotten to fix it. The cycle time of maskers should be 5 seconds with a static AP * Robot size taken every 5 seconds. None of this 2 second effect drain. It's not documented correctly and feels terrible.

Keep in mind the AP drain is every 2 seconds. It's very weird but the effect causes your AP to drain. You pay the initial cost PLUS while under the "Masked" effect you consume AP cost * robot size every 2 seconds.


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I signed up too. big_smile


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Basically you want to remove targeting computer and landmark information (The two smallest windows in the game).
You also cheated and closed the cargo window and combat log.

Also, I don't like all the information being on the landmarks. It's an interesting idea but overall I would prefer to have a squad for my friends and landmarks for the enemies. It's not a terrible idea but I don't think it would work well for some people.


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Thanks for this Zoom.
I got linked to this page via IRC. Threw a few coins towards more music and now have everything very high quality to listen to at work.

Mobo: P8Z68-V
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
RAM: 2x 4096 MBytes DDR3 Corsair 1600
OS: Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1)  Service Pack 1 (Build 7601)
DirectX: 11.0

Runs three clients perfectly smoothly with a few tweaks. Can get a bit warm but I've got the cooling to handle it.
By far not a high end machine. The entire thing costs around £600. Anyone with close friend in the wholesale business can get this much cheaper.

The moment you see an enemy you can deploy a teleport beacon.
If the enemy breaks wall in 3 minutes they deserve loot. Most Rivelers CANNOT get home or safe log in 3 minutes.


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Like this?
http://www.ravenwoodairsoft.com/wp-cont … e5guns.jpg