are they releasing an ipad larger that 64gb?

something browser based would be better,that could run on an ipad, then i could play from work and get some mining done.

think perpetuumminecraft

Gobla wrote:

Telling people about Perp is great. I'd shy away from hyping too much though. It will only lead to the following:

- 12 year old kid reads post hyping Perp. Believes it because it was on the internet.
- 12 year old kid buys Perp and plays for 2 hours. Fails to understand the game.
- 12 year old kid spends what's left of the month bashing Perp on various forums.

12 year old kid is worth $10, and thats why there are forum moderators and fanboys.

Savin wrote:
postman wrote:

great answer, really +5 to internet forum notoriety.

I think the Dev team should actually give you an extra days worth of EP for that one.

Wow, you had to edit that?

even better reply than the last one! you must be some failed goon troll who ended up being an SA reject and has to troll here where Zoolooman or AxeManiac can't ban you for ***.

yes i did edit it, i made that post from my ipad while i was on the ***, its hard to hit those touch screen keys while pushing. just wanted to let you know thats about all the attention your posts really warrant. i am actually pooping while make this post too.

merry xmas

Savin wrote:
postman wrote:

risk vs reward.

[... stuff copied from other posters plus a little more tough guy posturing... ]

Far too little, far too late. Why not sit back and let the adults handle this?

great answer, really +5 to internet forum notoriety.

I think the Dev team should actually give you an extra days worth of EP for that one.

kekz wrote:

can't empty my cargo while fighting loads npcs means i have to run away exit combat and empty cargo if i happen to be full and want to pick up the t4 rare that dropped in the swarm fight *** change. you either can or can't destroy cargo make up your mind

stfu and bring a field container with you like everyone else.

Savin wrote:

Ah, now it starts to make sense: some people need to feel that they are causing as much grief as possible to as many people as possible.

A simple victory, with a corresponding loss of mech, is not enough punishment: you want a defeat so devastating, so horrible, that the loser instantly quits, leaving you, the victor alone on top of the heap, trophy in one hand, d1ck in the other.

In other words, you're a child.

risk vs reward.

if you were about to get mugged do you think you would have the time to stop, take all of the money out of your purse  and burn it  then get a pair a scissors and cut all of your credit cards as the mugger approaches you with a gun?

your going to lose your cargo regardless if you die in pvp, why does it really matter if it disappears into virtual nothingness or the guy that killed you has a 50% chance of getting it? Is deleting all of the cargo before you die some carebear form of last minute retribution? are you really carrying that much on your mech that it cant be replaced relatively easily?

This also has nothing to do with a being a child. Yes its a trophy and i play with my *** several times a day, but its a competitive pvp game. If i wanted mindless no risk pvp i would be playing an FPS or WoW. Its a game mechanic, deal with the change. If you don't like it leave and stop *** up the forums.

Indian River wrote:

we now have "special" rules for the big bad crybaby PVPers just to
ensure they get their loot handed to them on a silver platter

i can make ajustments to my cargo whenever i want normally but by some
"miracle" once i'm attacked that ability vaporizes
what's next, purple flying unicorns?
rats carrying swords as loot?

instead of the "magical" inability to delete cargo once attacked why
shouldn't the attackers have to use a slot for equipment that prevents
the destruction of cargo?
because our big bad carebear PVPers would cry some more?

in every other game i have played in the last 6 or so years, the devs have "caved" to the pve crowd ruining some games with that had great potential, AoC is a good example of this.

deleting cargo before a pvp skirmish is a *** move and if its that big of a deal then you should probably find a game with less risk. i hear wow just had a big expac and you dont have to worry about losing anything in pvp except your internet honor.

thanks dev team for catering to the pvpers. as a pvper i would really like to see some purple flying unicorns in the next patch.


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i would gladly pay for an ipad/iphone version of this


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incoming nerf ewar post


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Messiyah wrote:

not really.

i agree with ppl who think that intakts are better suited for all out ewar, with the 4 headslots. 

however troiar's are probably a mroe balanced Bot, that is probably better in smaller groups, where some DPS is also necessary.

I have seen some well kitted out Troiar's running around ICS Alpha, most notably E-Corps seem to have a few good ones. Ask one of their players, who it was, and what kit they use.

<knowledge is power>


If you're in a group were your EWAR is concerned with DPS then something is wrong.

<learn to focus fire and coordinate your group>



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Chief Ubenor wrote:

I thought PO is already tagged as "PvP niche game". If some reviewer would spend in a game say a week instead of 2-3 days review session they would notice that there is nothing on PvE side but pure grind, in its most evil form. And PvP side is quite disorganized.

I think Avatar wasn't really prepared for the game launch, it feels that it was sort of a sudden release for them smile. They are trying to do things as fast as they can but it feels like too much stuff fallen into their lap and they are having trouble sorting it out.

There is only a few of them and they have some much to do I feel sorry for them to be honest.

They need to find solution for lag - potentially move the server or introduce another one somewhere in central europe or US
They need to fix bugs
They need to polish the graphics engine so that people with slower PCs could actually run the game
They need to work on a new content as much as possible since game needs new content very soon
In team of 10 people thats gonna be really hard

But I wish them all the best, hopefully they can hire couple more coders soon and get additional help...

not sure where you are getting the pure grind from, or even the unprepared launch. I equate grind to having to level, not mining for resources or farming for PVE. Really both of those are a means to an end, not a forced manner of character development. If you played Darkfall, this game is a breath of god damn fresh air if you would consider any of it a grind.

I have been in every major game launch for the last few years and I have to say without a doubt that this has probably been one of the smoothest.

There is a big difference with Creative vs a lot of these other studios and its seem like a quality over quantity. If you played AoC at launch it didn't matter how damn big there team was, they couldn't keep up with what needed to happen in game and it resulted in knee jerk decisions and the game being in the state that it is now. AV has a larger team that Creative does and they still cant put a patch out in Darkfall for the life of them. On that note neither of those teams would give the players the time of day on the forums. Just the fact the Devs take the time to post on the forums says a tremendous amount about their dedication to Perpetuum.

lag and bug fixes will come, they have already said that. As far polishing the game for older machines, this isn't WoW. If you want an easy way to play games go burn money on an XBOX. PC gaming isn't about accommodating every cheap broke-ass that is still trying to play Crysis on a 486. PC gaming is what helps drive the technology, its the hot rod of the gaming industry.

as for content, its a *** sandbox game, we aren't progressing through tiers of raid dungeons. GO PLAY IN THE SAND!

Weapon X wrote:

Am I reading forumfall again?

Gah I thought I ditched that nasty habit..

haha, yeah i got that feeling too

Jeronas wrote:

On my 3 year old MacBook Pro

this has nothing to do with your performance issues since we all know that Macs are built and marketed specifically with hardcore gaming in mind

playing a PVP mmo on a mac, unless it has its OWN mac client, in any form is like bringing a spoon to a gun fight

Urahara Kisuke wrote:

Why did headstart people get 40k starting EP in addition to being able to play the game 1 week earlier then everyone else?

Just heard about the game and I like it so far, but that headstart EP thing wtf...
Sure in 1 year nobody cares about it, but for now it's pretty stupid.

Eve like DEV corruption? Giving there alliance a headstart...

Knowledge from beta and 7 days headstart should have been more than enough.
Give everyone without an headstart account 20k additional EP imo.

To sum it up, headstart EP was stupid.

maybe you should have payed more attention and gotten in on beta

procrastination on your part does not constitute and emergency on everyone elses part.

the fact of the matter is that in a very short time, when your preferred build is pushing the 6's and 7's you will be very close to on par with the early access people who are facing wicked diminishing returns with their extensions.

Bruce Lee wrote:

Not really.  It persuaded me to buy 3 accounts, so it was a good business decision on their part big_smile

same here, i think it was a fantastic decision from a business standpoint and something that should be emulated in future MMOs. With the competition for sub numbers now coupled with the growing F2P side of the industry a $60 client and $15 a month is not as attractive as it used to be.