Celebro wrote:
Jita wrote:

So five months in and the game is still dead.

This game started back in 2010 with unlocked outposts, never heard or read anywhere whining about that. Oh, and player base was increasing not falling.

You must be *** then. People from multiple corps were BEGGING for gaining more control over the outposts, like docking rights feature, because the griefing and free scouting with unlockable outposts were already too much at that point.

You are arguing in favor of one of the most ridiculous things ever. On the other hand, you are clearly desperate for a feature like this to be able to grief and scout for free from inside and under the outposts, so I see where politically you are coming from.

It's good that it will never be implemented.

It's either join us to defeat POE and get destroyed by them, or we will gank and harass the sh*t out of you on our own because you don't want to join our fail-cascade-crusade.

Vets outside POE simply don't leave any choice for the newbies.

Say please.

Rhymes with 'bitter'.


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Celebro wrote:

However moving the goal posts around and rebalancing won't make the game any more appealing for outsiders, aside from the ones already playing. Making big changes , like UI overhaul which was cancelled/postponed and the likes of new bots, if there are not capable of producing this in a short time frame, there is no point but hope for a miracle.

You understand it's pointless to add new features on top of the disbalanced game, as it means that the surge in player numbers will again be just temporary, and because of screwed balance/rewards/incentives people will leave?

I mean is it really THAT hard to get?


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Celebro wrote:

So farewell, thank you all that know me and this will be my last post.

Ralph pls go.


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Will wiping the servers make you less of a crybaby and ragequitter tho, and increase your prowess at playing Perpetuum?

That is the real question here.

Zoom vegetarian confirmed, hates bacon.


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DarkTerror wrote:
Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

What are we going to list the names of corps that have started & died or shrunk over this games history?

CHAOS .. eh hmm ya
should i go on ? tongue

Well you could add CIR to the list.
The number of accounts might be the same but the number of players has shrunk. tongue


How oblivious.

Annihilator wrote:

jita... you are under the assumption, that its "working content" that got removed. Well, it didn't work according the player retention...

currently more content is "locked" by a player-faction that doesnt actively play the game.

Come and take it - that's free player-generated content for you in a sandbox game.


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Can't, because it's HP reduction, and not direct damage dealt.


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Of course, it is hard to evaluate it until several months have passed since the patch goes live, but the amount of new interactions is absurd, nothing as major in one patch in dota to-date.


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One of the best patches to date.


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Hunter wrote:

reading this post, i see the only one explanation: this is a retribution.
CHAOS and others, include CIR, PHM (basically everyone players) uses vulnerabilities everytime and everywhere.
I remember the time when the enemies came to shoot ultramarine base first time. They did everything correct (as intended). But after that Ultramarine base was fortified too much. Ramps and other constructions made it invulnerable for normal attacks. After several unsuccess attempts of siege, it was destroyed with using bugs.

I still have screenshots from that siege. Stop lying about using bugs, it was killed absolutely legitimately and took around 40+ hours.

GSO smile


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Broken as intended.


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Он сказал посмотрит, скорее всего баг. Успокойся блять. Читай как следует.


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Ville wrote:
Chemist wrote:
Ville wrote:

Oh come on, your playing a pvp game stop with all the tears.  NSE didn't QQ when you used the same tactic with Zortarg's ERP tank and "DUMB turret AI" when you guys hid behind a hill and let Zortarg tank the entire turret arrays.  http://www.perp-kill.net/kill/263787 Don't tell me you didn't know then.  Fix your problem and stop QQing there's a very simple fix for you on your end.

Personally I do not know about that. Where proof, Ville?
And then there is "little difference" - free robots "Arkhes" and expensive (resources, time) robot Messmer MK2(?)...
In the first case, you have nothing to lose, and in the second there is a big risk.
You come on seth and wait behind the mountain in the AFK mode ... but this bug in any case you need to remove.

So it's only a bug if it's an arkhe?  Your ally's and own corporation used the same tactics to reinforce Xiantor.  But you get mad when the same tactics are used against you??

And now the truth surfaces, lol.


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Jita wrote:

It's your idiocy. Its not their job to spend all their very limited time closing every loophole some player with aspergers finds. Thats ridiculous. Do you stick your head out of open train windows if you find them because it's there job to keep them closed? Do you put spill coffe on yourself to check if it's hot when its not labelled?

Why do you need the Devs to stop you all from behaving like a ***?

this is a SANDBOX with what you do having a very real impact on the success of the game. It's up to YOU to take responsibility for YOUR playstyle and YOUR actions and so far they have been lacking. If it's not bad enough to get caught out in a lie about other players who gave you their trust while doing the podcast now your apologizing for people abusing the mechanics to grief people in arkhes.

Your a disgrace.

Please write some more arrogant bullshit, it is a pleasure to read your tears.

Luckily you are very far from game design, otherwise you'd be pretty terrible at your job. Well, you are terrible at most things you do anyway.


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*** it; INCREASE explosion damage!


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Phantomburn wrote:

December 2014:

Arbalest Mk2 262


Good post, Ville.

Funny about people saying we have no numbers to back up real statistics. You realize that those people are THE ONLY ones playing the game and devs alienate them even further with this kind of *** balance? Besides, most of the vets who are capable of running plenty of different robots, stick just to several currently useful ones because there's no sense in fielding other bots for limited number of units you have. For example, Zenith, the easiest bot to *** killmails with, is not even anywhere in statistics post patch because its usability is 0 - rather field another DPS-bot.

GGWP devs.


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Phantomburn wrote:

A post by the character Ville

Lack of that pretty much killed the game. The last nail that gunner was talking about.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

If this could be solved by "programming" then it would have been solved already.

Oh really? How about the bugs that in game since release?

What a surprise. What a plot twist.


Btw, thread is quite cringeworthy. To the level of... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unW4GOJw4ro