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Well, thank you captain obvious. roll

Also, how exactly can they afford ads, while having such a small playerbase (read: small revenue) ?

EP disadvantage is the biggest problem PO has. And it will grow expotentially bigger with every passing month. There are like ~150-200 people online, which doesn't make this game a MMO.

Yet you still want the gap to grow even bigger. Good luck with finding new players.

Game is boring and there are like 150-200 people online (lol) at any given time, so there you have it.

XB63C wrote:

It is great to have a niche game. But you need to attract enough people to pay the bills and grow. Carebears are the key to financial success. I believe over 80% of CCPs income comes from carebear accounts (those that live almost exclusively in hisec). PVE combat content, interesting resource collection, profitable industry and the ability to play happily without unwanted PVP combat are all things that make the carebear heart happy.

Unfortunately, this is all true. Carebears rule all games whether we like it or not. Now PvE in Perpetuum is just as bad as it is in EvE. Newcoming PvP'ers on the other hand will always be at a disadvantage of being forever behind in terms of EP. It is not possible to fix those issues anytime soon. What's left ? Let's hear it again:


Purgatory wrote:

Marketting now is a bad idea, game needs to become MASSIVE, because right now it's barely an RPG, not an MMORPG. Need 5-10x bigger game world.

And how exactly will it become massive without any marketing ? Word of mouth won't do because it is a niche game aimed towards a niche playerbase.

Also, it will become harder and harder to get new players as more time passes due to the nature of EP system ("Come play our game and get creamed by the players that play since launch, that you will never ever be able to catch up with skill-wise!").

This game needs some marketing.

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Hai. Welcome to sandbox games.

I only expect rewards at least comparable to mining (which can be done AFK), since the sole PvE mechanic is gonna be terrible and boring anyway.


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Exactly my point.  I'm glad we could come to such a meeting of minds.... ^^

I am happy we aggree that they did not copy half a game or half a book/movie/myth to create their game and storyline.

Wait... are you saying that there are people that care about 'storyline' in a sandbox MMO ? yikes


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I have faith in this game cause there's already some sweet forum drama. And I love popcorn.