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Jelan wrote:

Tiggus, i miss you, arent you level 50 yet??

I never made it past 30 before I was bored enough to quit tongue

I'm moving this week(bye nyc!) but may be around more after that to hopefully see these new islands.


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I've tried to extend my enjoyment of games beyond their expiration date before, it doesn't really work in my opinion if you have to try.  I also don't feel like my gameplay experience was static, I did everything there is to do in PO from industrial to PvE to PvP and the one thing that was the most interesting was the PvP, so when that got stale it killed the game for me.

Games that have the X factor I am looking for are games like DaoC where every day I was excited to login and RvR with my guild and there was always an objective to attack or defend all hours of the day.  Shadowbane was another good one, you could almost always find a fight and the city sieges(and building) were hands down the best I have every experienced.   I understand what a sandbox is and respect that SOME of the content needs to be user created but we need more tools to create that content and some more canned activities tossed into the box.

I have a 6 month sub on all my accounts so I am definitely keeping tabs and interested to see what happens.


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I haven't been active in PO for a bit but I still think about how much I like this game's direction and setting quite often and thought I would voice some hopefully constructive feedback to the devs about why a lot of my corp has gone inactive.

Currently it seems for an organized corp the game has around 2-3 months of gameplay before there is very little to strive for and PvP begins to lose it's value/excitement to most players I've talked to.  When you first start out there is so much to do it's fantastic, you need to build your corp up in members, find a home, organize logistics and production, get involved in PvP and so on.  The problem is 3 of the 4 things here only take about a month and then all you are left with is PvP that currently has very little point and is easily avoidable by most of the population.

I think you understand this as the future plans around gamma islands and capturable outposts/objectives will go a long way towards helping and I think you will see a nice chunk of players return when they are implemented.  The problem right now(for me) is that logging in every day to do roams and gank some newbies isn't very appealing, and neither is waking up at odd hours to do intrusions(although they can sometimes be fun when the sides are even).   There's simply nothing to do that is interesting once you have a decent industrial backbone and have played out the basic fun of meaningless pvp skirmishes.  Best case you get some decent small fights now and then, worst case you make your enemies leave beta islands for good reducing your fun even more.

More than anything I just wanted to say I hope this game continues to evolve and if you take it to a state where there are things to do on a daily basis for those who have "won" and you will have a great game on your hands.  Persistant high level daily objectives are needed, both PvP and PvE, or many newbies that do come and join a organized corp will only stay for a month or two before they reach this point as well.

I think I get your point pretty clearly, you want a level based MMO where the next bot type is better in all ways than the previous bot.  Unfortunately(for some), this isn't that type of game and many of us are glad for that as even the beginner bots have a useful role to fill and diversity in endgame.

The point still stands that if your group of mechs gets killed by a group of ewar, you are terrible.  The solutions were already posted a million times but a few folks(like 2) just put their hands over their ears and yell LALALAALALALA.

God is this *** topic still going, I better even the people in your own alliance are facepalming by now.


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First part of a series on various bots in perpetuum.  Yeah, it's a sequer, you're warned ahead of time as to the actionpacked content!

We've roamed 3+ times since this topic was created(probably more) with mechs and assaults with no problems.

Arga wrote:

What do you think about small or solo PVP on beta at this time?

Entirely possible, I do it all the time and know many others who do as well.  There's nothing stopping people who want to pvp from doing so.


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Certainly something like a zenith, which is a mech btw, couldn't possibly demob multiple targets at once?  I give up on this topic, feel free to keep thinking ewar is invincible, it only helps me and I am confident the devs know whats up.  cool


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It was already explained in the other thread many times how to defeat a ewar group.  Yes to kill a ewar group you should have 1-2 fast tacklers to pin them down one at a time so your mechs can kill them, it is not that hard, it's called the power of a balanced group.

Also, if you lose multiple mechs to a group of ewar you are doing something terribly wrong and that IS a l2p issue.


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Dromsex wrote:

No Tiggus, that corelation doesnt work because 1 EW cant overcome the regen of mechs. If there would be no regen yes, any EW could solo mechs easily.

But the effect grows exponentially in groups whereas the regen of a single target doesnt grow and the defensive capabilities of a group of EW against a group of mechs doesnt get any smaller. Hide and run away - work against 1 or 10 mechs. But the offensive abilities of mechs dont grow becasue if they cant hit - 1 or 10 mechs wont do any dmg.

Offensive dps EWs simply are too fast. As a pure tackler or supressor the speed is ok.

I'm willing to test and fraps this with you, my 10 mechs against your 10 ewar, just let me know when you want to do it.


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No problem, maybe you will get my troiar dps buffed.


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Dromsex wrote:

Tiggus - they have the gighest effective dps ingame! Why? Becasue they can apply it to their liking like no other bot can  becasue of their speed.

It doesnt matter how long it takes to kill something if you succeed. EWs currently are the lolrouges of wow.

If this was true I could kill a mech or heavy mech 1v1 with my ewar.  But I can't.


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What exactly is a "dps ewar" these days?  One with 2 guns?  Sure as hell nobody fitting damage tuners on them anymore...

Making solo mechs safe against full groups is not a good idea, people were for that concept at launch but it appears now the soloers are upset with how it ends up in practice.  Ewar dps is already laughably low, you should see how long it takes me to kill a laird 1v1 in my ewar.

Also you talk a lot about NIC value not being equal between mechs and ewar.  This is wrong in almost all cases, my mech is FAR cheaper than my ewar which are usually all t4 fitted to be able to compete, whereas many mechs are std fit.


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Campana wrote:

So basically the devs were warned, extensively, before they even implemented insurance, that this would happen. They ignored that. It happened for months. They ignored that.

Then suddenly they retroactively declared it an exploit, acted as if use of insurance to make NIC was a surprise to them, and removed NIC from the game in an attempt to compensate.

They did not do a sufficiently in-depth investigation to understand which characters and accounts benefited from this and removed NIC from players who had not been involved. Then they posted an incomplete list of corps involved.

Very unprofessional, and very badly handled.

I hope they get better at community management in future.

This is a pretty solid summary right here.  The part I don't like is that no representative from AC said at the time this issue was raised that this would be considered an exploit.  The issue was breached, discussion was had, and no official statement by AC was made.  Silence means acceptance in my opinion when a issue is put in front of you on your own public forums.


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Crosshair wrote:

We are now all affected by your actions as none of us can insure bots atm.
BRAVO DEVs, well done.

That's actually because of a insurance exploit completely separate from the widespread insurance fraud.  One I would consider a real exploit and worthy of punitive measures.

Dromsex wrote:

No they would have to decide: attack or withdraw if the implementation is right. Thats the point.

I don't see any details on this so called afterburner that addresses the primary thing roams do:

They will still travel in groups, they will still kill solo mechs, they will still get to pick their fights and run away, so what would change?

If they have the ability to withdraw, they have the ability to withdraw, plain and simple even if they have to run their speed in small bursts.  It still makes them the fastest scout class in the game and nothing other than totally obliterating the bot's role by making it slower than a mech will change that.


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It's cool devs took care of it after they investigated.


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All I know is GG didn't do insurance fraud and our bank account got wiped too...Not sure how they calculated this but I have to agree it seems to have some flaws....

Not like we were rich or anything but they definitely didn't research it very well.  We do use corp insurance for a lot of our bots but they get lost in pvp and pve like they are supposed to, so it's pretty much BS.  I think one of our guys blew up 4 of his own tyrannos *once* to get some cash for a heavy mech when they first came out, but that certainly wasn't "gaming the system".

I feel like the topic of discussion is shifting to something completely different now, which is the aesthetic look of the bots rather than their functions.  I actually completely agree that some bots should be reskinned to look more humanoid mech like, especially the starter arkhe, I even posted extensively about it in beta

The light ewar bots are akin to fast interceptors in EvE, you don't catch those(even with the warping mechanic) unless they run right over your face or you have interceptors of your own.  This mechanic has always seemed fine since they are balanced by not doing much damage, in fact it has been this way for many years.  A fast scout class adds an element to the game I would hate to see made null and void and I don't see a temporary afterburner being the answer, you're just making the class slightly more annoying to play since it has a longer travel time inbetween places.  They will still travel in groups, they will still kill solo mechs, they will still get to pick their fights and run away, so what would change?

One idea someone mentioned on TS last night was increasing the effectiveness of medium reppers.  This would buff mechs and heavy mechs survivability quite a bit against light bots without making them really OP in big fights where they get focus fired by other mechs.

I'm still waiting to hear how making mechs go faster is going to make them better for roams, assuming the defenders also have mechs.  The reason people don't risk mechs often on roams is because they are more expensive to lose and can be pinned down by ewar tacklers so the larger defending group can slaughter them.  Explain how your solution addresses this.

I was attracted to this thread because I read it as bacon module.  Would invest many EP in bacon harvesting.

Serpens wrote:

Syndic seriously? Comon man you know better than anyone that if your fitted just right you could own a Mech 1v1 in your light EW bot. That should never be the case, nor should a light EW be able to keep you locked at long ranges and the mech cannot. You add light EW locking range + speed advantage = Dead mech. Seen it many times as Jsands states I agree, something is abit off when a mech gets beat by a Light EW. Basically if you agree with how Light EW's are designed currently, then mechs only purpose is defense of intrusions and PVE.

Reread jsands post, it was a yagel not a EW bot.  I don't think it's possible for a ew to take on a mech solo unless the mech is terrible(to a degree I have not seen yet) and has no repper.  Light bots on the other hand pack a pretty nice punch if you let them sit within 100m of you.

Newsflash, the light bot roams we've done(speaking for GG) since the patch move around 75-80 because they actually have to to like..fit guns(and only 3 at that to get this speed).  Mechs can keep up just fine and fit more firepower, these arguments are based on unfounded theorycrafting and not field testing. 

The only reason you don't see more mechs in today's everyday roams(and we roam with mechs multiple times a week) are because they are more expensive and we are consistantly outnumbered in enemy territory so it doesn't make sense to risk it.  None of these suggestions(containers) would change that or make it more appealing to roam in a mech if you are not already doing so.

I'm not saying all bots are perfectly balanced and will not or should not be tweaked going forward.  For instance I do think mechs and above could do with some extra armor to make them tankier, just a bit.  When making balance changes to bots hopefully they will tweak just one variable at a time and gradually so they can judge the impact, not sweeping changes that ruin the fairly decent balance we have already.