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I have to wonder if, one of the reasons that the player base isn't increasing, and newer players don't appear to stay long is that there is no enemy in the game.

I look at all other MMO's and there are always at least 2 sides, which a player can choose to join.  In Perpetuum there are 3 factions but only one side, human.

We are all human, all spark drivers, all based on Earth. We are all on the same side.  Yes, we do have 'squabbles' over territory on Nia BUT we don't have a real threat to us.  The 3 factions are loosley American/Asian/European 'centric, but we are all doing the same thing, the same way.  If there was a fight/war between factions it would be on Earth not Nia.

I believe we need a credible enemy, that players can fight against or join with.  Without 2 sides the game just becomes an exercise in the accumulation of resources.

Having been in game since closed beta I've seen a lot of folk come and go.  The majority say they love the game when they start, good missions, nice bots, good graphics, helpful Devs and GM's, well balanced, etc etc BUT they don't stay.  Could it be that there is nothing to hold them, no-one to fight?  Once they have a grasp of combat/industry/mining what is their goal ?

Any thoughts on my views are most welcome, just don't be horrible to me big_smile

A great improvement, thank-you and well done.

Hi Bruhza,  in answer to your 3 questions :-
1. No there are NO mega robots in game, YET.  The largest robots you will see are Heavy Mechs.

2. Yes there is PvP ongoing all the time in Perpetuum.  It takes place on the Beta islands, if you go to the beta islands you will be shot at smile.  You can identify a beta island by looking at the map, and the islands with a yellow line above and below the island name are Beta islands.  You can also 'flag' for PvP on the alpha islands if you wish.

3.  Follow this link to see all the bots in game.  http://www.perpetuum-online.com/Robots

I hope you enjoy a darn good game.

Travel Safe - Jangor

Thanks guys, much appreciated - keep up the EXCELLENT work.


Just a thought.

It may be helpful if people log out when they stop playing for a time.  In chat saw some guys saying they wouldn't log, just afk, so they could stay in game.  Understandable, I guess, but not really very helpful to the rest of the community.

See you all in game soon smile


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3/10 smile  and if ANY avatar gets more than 5/10 - it will be a 'shock/horror' event. tongue  Would rate my own but I don't believe there is a negative value low enough -10/10 would still be too high big_smile

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No I didn't do a check on this sad  Sorry Anni

I see that it has been included in the last patch, so my thanks to the Devs, and whoever requested this originally.  It is a litle erratic but still very useful.

It's already been helpful, to me smile

Thanks again

Would it be possible to show both Armor and Accumulator status on squad members.  As a support bot I'd like to know who to remote rep, or who to transfer energy.  Now I can only see armor.

Any Thoughts ?

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I would like there to be more assignments !

I would also like a mix of assignments at the terminals and outposts.  Each terminal or outpost to have level 1, 2, 3, and 4 assignments.

If possible not to have to travel >4.2k for an assignment.  Having to do this for some of the lev2 assignments from the outposts is very frustrating and time consuming.  So much so, I really doubt that many people do them at all.

Other than that - keep up the good work smile

Regards - Jangor