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Just wanted to ask when we were getting robot paintjobs as this was promised a few years back???????


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Ville's mini farm.  Anni can stay in the "doublewide" chicken coop.

We could all participate in the north Carolina pastime of hunting for boars and homosexuals.


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Perpetuum 2 is needed.  Fresh start, new and known game engine (hell you could do unreal 4 for free if I'm not mistaken)

The mechanics, progression, and game systems are all great, the balance not so much...and none of the conquest type mechanics will ever be balanced without a thriving population.

Make it totally free, give stuff to your past players as motives to come back and start fresh.

I think the key is to retain a lot of the old game other than the graphics and bot balancing.  Might be impossible without a captive artist to work for you, maybe try capturing a few migrants.

I always felt the strange homemade game engine was because you wanted to do terraforming ect with the game and whatnot...and since that's been removed for balance, and the current iteration more just to say its there then adding real creative building to the game...why not just get a real game engine?

I don't think any of the roadmap features, or really anything with the current game is going to see an eve exodus + steam launch size group of players sticking around, which is what needs to happen. 

Without a new game, and it does need to be new, a restart wont do...I don't see people wanting to come back just to pvp the same exact group of people they've been fighting with for the last couple of years.  The dated look, the paywall, and the fact that its well known the population isn't enough is a deterrent for actual new players, fixing some stuff or adding some new stuff isn't going to change that.

If it is possible to do this, a perp 2 with a modern game engine, might be best to get on that while there is maybe some money coming in from perp1...

Publisher might pick you up too if its a modern looking robot game that's free to play. Hell most f2p publishers are full of dead/dying mmorpgs and cooperative shooters...im sure if its possible to monetize it properly without being lame about pay to win, someone out there has got to want something different to publish.


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I told you, hats.  If you had made tradable hats people would play.  That and the necromancer bot.


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Mostly positive? sounds like my HIV test.


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was going to type some stuff....

but then what do I know...

im just an artist.


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The second coming of William H Bonney was predicted in my book of perpetuum revelations (Strangerdanger 3:16) as one of the final signs of Armageddon.



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Look, a patch like this was....it too large, too drastic, and changed too much stuff around.  For a time based progression game I think the concept of large sweeping balance changes in one patch is a horrible idea....you changed, overnight, completely, things that some people have spent months and years training into.

I don't think people were against balancing, however, it should have been done in very small incremental steps to allow feedback along the way.

Another approach that is the vinegar of development, nerfs, seems to be preferred over the honey version of buffs. You've chose to develop with vinegar over honey and are curious why people are disgusted? Prior to the patch some bots were more preferred however the pool of acceptable bots was larger, now its a small pool of preferred bots, like before, with a near non existent pool of acceptable bots, leaving a lot of pilots who in the past might have trained for a vital role bot class seeing all of their time based progression progress net them one bot they can use that they were able to use day one....that pisses people off.

I was all for making assaults more powerful, I was all for some slight balance changes...this was far too much, far too fast, without the developers really understanding the player mindset and how the players play the game.  Math and statistics don't tell the true story.  Understanding why people used things in the manner that they did use them, and why they didn't use other things was missing from this balance patch, and I feel the only thing looked at was hard numbers.

When people tell you zoom to "revert the patch" it has more than the face value meaning.  The balance and how the game worked before was more entertaining to YOUR REMAINING players than the current version.  The issue with the game is playerbase, patches like this wont get you more players, perhaps content will.  Perhaps you should balance back a lot of the changes to try to keep things in line with how they were before, even if it means the game has strong EWAR vs the dps slug fest it is now.  Then put those efforts into creating some meaningful pve content and balancing beta and gamma....two things your playerbase has been begging for....for years now...

Keep your current playerbase happy man even if it means putting off some long term goals on balancing in favor of developing new and better content....the latter is desperately needed, balance wasn't.

Cassius wrote:
Supremacy wrote:


hey STC why dont you just decon exploit everything

Such an excellent example of why you need your own "special" forums.
C'mon Zoom, give them what they want.

So since you long ago publicly quit the game (was super sad about that btw), can we get an ETA on when you quit the forums?

Or you can just keep being the poster child of the need for such elite and restricted forums.


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really we don't need TF2 Enforcer with a hat avatars in game.

Granted avatars are pretty much pointless (why even have them tbh?) and an upgrade is probably scheduled after the planned crowning of Syndic as community manager with ban rights.

Most of us kind of just forget about their existence...

I will say after all these years I really don't want them to change, given how pointless they are...they have their charm...and whatnot.

basically don't get your hopes up on them changing, devs are working on more important *** for eternity.

problem isn't epi, putting epi on gamma just makes beta worthless as gamma, which isn't worthless but I digress...

problem are specific reward mechanics tied to each island integrated to beta and gamma specifically

once that happens you can all go back to crying about how alpha is too restrictive and the big pvp meanies are keeping you from content you paid for ect.

Burial wrote:

Definitely. As long as the developers consider all the balance issues instead unwisely moving Epriton back to Gammas with the same mechanics, it's fine.

They have the ability to make ore fields spawn differently on different islands now. its only a matter of time


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Ville wrote:
Stranger Danger wrote:

only hammering going on is Bagladoush hammering his autopilot away from the fight to safe log.


I like the guy, I can always count on one of the enemy vagabond mk2's disappearing mid fight, which makes my job easy, on top of that, I don't even need to run an ecm cycle on the guy, I just lock him up and he goes missing from the fight for a few.

I couldn't ask for a better enemy vaga pilot.


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well you done did it rola....you got epi removed from gamma so now all you peasants have to mine epi on beta under the watchful eye of waves 1-9

Ville wrote:
Burial wrote:

The problem is it devalues mining on Beta. If it's way easier to mine on Gamma and market price is dictated by that, why even mine it on Betas?

We would explain it to you but you'd just disagree and say the sky is yellow.

Yup all the noobs are hauling masses of ore across gamma, through beta, and back to alpha.

Also at the same time theres no reason to be on gamma or beta.

If you are too lazy to play other than an occasional pvp undock, perhaps you should take advantage of these "devalued" ores on alpha and buy them, which would raise the price and make you happy.


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only hammering going on is Bagladoush hammering his autopilot away from the fight to safe log.


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can someone please explain what all this is, im not on drugs so I think im missing whats going on here.

its funny because we didn't mine epi on gamma when it was there.

all this hurt was the ninja miners, since now they have to mine it on beta islands, islands that are more heavily watched.

I know one grumpy gus is voting this down because he assumes its beneficial to us, however id like to point out we can mine epi anywhere with almost no risk.  Give the ancient politics a rest burial.


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So someone attacks our base, rather than fighting I can just decon the stations then slap them back up with a fresh re-enforce cycle

that's intended right?

Why not just make gamma pve like alpha?  That way people wont need to pack up and run when pvp happens...


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Rolafen Azec wrote:

I don't see what big danger there would be for unreasonable dockign fees. I guess it could require a warning pop-up?

It would have to function as a setting for the terminal owner, with a wide range of prices....as well as an option to remain locked.


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im having issues with my keyboard

http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3310/3327 … 902f_z.jpg

not sure what it is.