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Perp is still Early Access, I only saw -10% on EA games on steam

increase the cap when you put in new technology


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If the DEVs are not competent enough to come up with their own ideas to save their game then let the game die. After all, DEVs are paid by the players to resolve this, not the other way around.


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in ArcheAge you can plant your crop and trees anywhere you want, but if its not on your farm then its not protected and anybody can uproot/destroy it or harvest it.

The game is not that bad, but when you start out, it looks like a theme park game with easy leveling and quest hubs. That will turn a lot of ppl off. Once you go past that and get into gathering, crafting and PvP, it gets more of a sandbox feel.


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Regarding the land ownership, yes, but your leveling and skills will not be restricted.


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it will be F2P at release, but you will be restricted if you dont pay for patron(premium) status. For example F2P accounts will not be able to own a farm or a house etc.


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Stradivar wrote:
Tamas Vitez wrote:

So why suggest something that takes away DEV time to implement when you yourself think nobody will ever use it ?

is this a troll post ?

- 1

I never gave a timescale. Neither did I suggest that nobody will use it against your puny lol-fit fleet. Please do not revisit this thread purely because I have a CIR tag, JOKE trolls.

Have a nice day.

When I give my feedback I dont care about corp tags. Its not my fault you guys want to tailor the game to suit your needs/fantasies without caring about general population.


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Syndic wrote:

I'd keep a naked account accumulating EP just to nuke your unwashed hungarian *** once a month.

+ 1 great idea

Just a response I expected from you, shows your IQ


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So why suggest something that takes away DEV time to implement when you yourself think it would be rarely used if ever ?

is this a troll post ?

- 1


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buy 10 incubators for 2.5 Mill, plant them, contact CIR, get 5 Mill reward, rince and repeat. Who needs beacons to print money when you have CIR to do it for you ?


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T2/T3 can be easily researched on any character, so why dont you try and organize your corp to have more lower level researchers/manufacturers building lower tier protos ?

You guys are not even losing equipment/bots, and almost nobody buys from the market, so why all of a sudden you need more proto lines ?


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- 1, we dont want vets running around in full T4P as standard fits


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I think its just a joke from the forum admin smile


btw, - 1 works the same way


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Norrdec wrote:

You dont get more from a field with better skills, you just mine the field out faster. At least that is how I understand the new ore field mechanic.

Thats correct, only the plants work with the old logic of better skills/more yield


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+1, but only after gamma is done


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I also think more islands are needed, but I dont think the devs see it the same way. Devs always wanted to cater more to PvPers, because its a full loot PvP game after all, right ? They just dont understand that to have a great population and ppl to shoot at, you need a steady carebear playerbase as well.

DEV Zoom wrote:

The Devs are just trying to keep focus to be honest, otherwise we'll never get back gammas.

I understand your point of view, you want to keep the freedom to do what ever players want, where and how they want it.

Your inexperience to recognize harassment will cost you a few accounts, but hey, if that will keep the CIR and 77 veterans happy, its all good, right ?

I think Devs lost it, or they are all Syndic alts.

It is also interesting that one of the wealthiest individuals/corporations are preaching about new players catching up to vets. You wanna stop others making money. Money you have, others not so much. I sense fear.

Syndic wrote:

Don't be ridiculous.

Macroing can't be stopped because it's largely undetectable and widely acessible through any better gaming equipment.

It's harder to bot/macro minerals and normal spawns because the fields move after depletion, or the plasma-yield is fixed by the static respawn.

Beacons on the other hand, are a variable that solely depends on how fast player/macro can "process" them, and the rewards scale exponentially.

Key being that they're infinitely more profitable on Alpha in perfect safety then on Beta where you risk all the bots you're willing to put on the field, either from a PVP or from a PVE perspective.

Zero risk, maximum reward VERSUS Maximum risk, negligible reward.

you are so persistent in your cries and whines you outclass everybody in this as well. Hats down, I give up, cannot compete with this river of tears.

Syndic wrote:

No what I'm saying is that beacons are being abused on Alpha in perfect safety by vets with 6-10 accounts to macro/isbox beacons.

Zero effort, zero risk, maximum reward.

Infinitely superior reward to someone who's doing it on Beta who risks mechs to PVP, can't macro/isbox, and loses loot to explosion damage.

Then provide evidence of ppl macroing/using 3rd party software so those ppl get investigated and if found guilty, be banned.

A person can use multiple accounts to do farming legitimately, within game mechanics, he paid for those accounts.

What is the difference between farming and mining with multiple accounts ?

Syndic wrote:

Beacons are more significantly more profitable then regular mob spawns because when it comes to beacons, the faster you destroy them the faster you can deploy them - meaning the variable of more accounts/people is introduced, whereas with normal spawns the respawn ceiling is already preconfigured/static and doesn't scale with amount of DPS/followbot you deploy on it.

Further, it's impossible to do beacons on Beta as fast as you can do them on Alpha - meaning the risk vs reward is completely screwed in that respect.

As others have pointed out lower-stripe beacons are more profitable then 3-stripe beacons, so unless it's intended that players can print money with macroes and isboxer on Alpha in perfect safety, something needs to be done.

So what you are saying if 10 ppl farm beacons in a grp, and they generate 100 mill NIC per hour, they are exploiting ? You need to look at NIC/hour/account, not the total amount.

This is NOT a troll post.

I would like to thank you guys for making the alpha life more challenging and interesting. I am having fun again in-game, I hope you are too.

See you on the field.

you know what Zoom ? remove them from alpha, not because thats a money printing activity, but because Syndic says so and he is the voice of this gaming community.

I will let you in on a 'secret', farming the rank 4 spawn on Hersh/Tele gives more plasma and NIC per hour then the beacons per player, and you dont even have to buy the beacons for it. Ppl do beacons because thats the only real grp activity on alpha. Take that away, please

PS. I guess then next thing will be the removal of rank 4 spawns on alpha

with this logic we should remove mining on alpha too, because there is no risk just reward

yeah right....