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1. Add 1-4 hours cooldown
2. Provoke your enemy at FP A with small forces
3. Wait till enemy spark and deploy their fleet
4. Attack with the rest of your forces at FP B



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Look towards buildings/terraforming - that bug usually happens on gammas, more near the huge amounts of buildings/terraforming. Probably, it's related to stretched tiles rendering, or to buildings-related calculations. Like, when you use detector on says Domhalarn, you get short freeze right before showing marks on the radar - maybe something similar happens with buildings. Proven thing that filtering out turrets and infrastructure buildings reduces lags.


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Azyre wrote:

We have experienced the POW ACCUM GONE thing too, yes, after a lag spike and it's been described as my modules going into overdrive.  "Looked like 8-10 RR's were hitting you at once!"

Just FYI - this bug is still/again here.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

If I'm not mistaken, the directional scanner also has a default inaccuracy even on 100%, should we create a new module for that too? smile


Perfect solution:

1. Get AVG of all types inaccuracy
2. Make it cap
3. Add in description/backstory/toilet paper/your heighbor's mom twitter few words about "some kind of electromagnetical underground anomalities that affect geoscanner"
4. ???


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New type of scanner then smile

Should be not that long to implement, and we can test those "New Tech" kernels system on it.


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Doek wrote:

Geoscanner accuracy = Geoscanner base accuracy * (1 + ((Basic geochemistry extension * 0.045) + Robot bonus))

Whatever, but when you see total value (calculated by your formula) as 100%, you expect that the result accuracy will be 100% AND NOT LESSER


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DEV Zoom wrote:
Martha Stuart wrote:

this seems like a contradiction to me, if it has a little inaccuracy then wouldn't it not be 100% accuracy?

That accuracy value belongs to the geoscanner module and it's also used for mineral and artifact scanning. It only shows the maximum accuracy that the module is capable of, but that doesn't mean that it has perfect accuracy at every type of application.


Now I start to understand the roots of Hungarian Math (tm). For example, just imajine that your current robot speed only shows the maximum speed that your robot is capable of, but that doesn't mean it has the same speed at every direction of travel.

For the love of Gods, stop blowing our minds! 100% should be alwys 100%, otherwise it's not 100%. Reminds me that election in Russia, with 146% of total votes...


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Btw Burial have the point. Why should be people unable to donate at all? It's not they are taking those RP back, corp doesn't loose anything so why to manage that? Imagine that you need a passport and a signed application each time you want to spare some coins to a vagabond.

Roles should affect only visibility/usage IMO. To prevent any accidents, just add a confirmation window (with "Do not show this again" option) that will inform every donating person that action isn't reversable and let everyone donate at will.


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donateButton.Visible = agent.IsHaveAccess();


Make it visible/enabled only for those who have an appropriate rights.


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Should be a way to see your own current amount of RP


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With new system it becomes obsolete, needs to be removed and refunded.

When you're exporting hangar logs, it saves everything but hangar name. In case you want to save logs from different hangars for further analytics etc., afterwards you can't actually realize which log file belongs to which hangar. So adding new field in resulting file, or even adding a hangar name to filename would help alot.

As additional, I would like to request adding a possibility to export ENTIRE log, not just current page - that's really annoying. Adding some kind of API would be nice too.


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DEV Zoom wrote:

(I only wonder how is this different from griefing an instance, which would be oh so welcome, but nevermind me, just thinking loudly lol )

Well, whatever, just keep them aggroing on activator only, no need to harm poor miners big_smile


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Can it be removed with bombs? If so, can we use current or get new special "Building bombs" that will destroy concrete and concrete only?


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Screw Steam, "We are planning to deploy our pending changes early 2013" sounds good.


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Nice things, Zoom, really nice, and even more nice that you said 2 words about them! Keep posting news from time to time in such manner - it's enough for keep players informed.


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Oh waaaaait truuuue! I am the MOST PATIENT player! Where is my Special Reward both in game and on the forums? I DEMAND a Special Sign for Line, and Special Edition of module/bot!


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Gunner wrote:

I login because I like spending time playing with my friends.  It is pretty fun.

Still more fun to invite your friends IRL and buy some beer on that $10. Well, yet.


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Just shoot your ally mates, they are good at pvp etc. With lack of enemies, you don't need too much friends.


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world...the time is come to KILL THAT KITTIE


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Khader Khan wrote:

structures (bases) should need a fuel just like POS in stEVE not as complex as POS with what 7-8 different mats but something that will be easy to get in the area around the structure (titan and plasma or Liquizt and plasma).

I can here the Bears crying now.... But Khader we only mine in unsafe places for high end ore. Or crap the devs have some lust about putting noralgis in to every item above a t2 why not make noralgis go in to the fuel tank of the station to keep the lights running.

This alone will only make the Gamma owners log in every few days to gather a few mats, what about Beta? Alarm clock Saps are still happening!

that's not "fun", that's "even more work to *** the players out of this game"


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I think we need an ability to choose that boost, otherwise, says, a combat guy will log in, get a titan mining boost and become very sad.

So here is what I think: Syndicate Shop. Grind tokens to buy that boost you like. Make boosts tradeable at least via direct trading - market isn't necessary. So as a result, your combat char will be able to grind and buy, says, a booster to increase plasma/kernel outcome, and another one - to increase kernel research efficiency for his indy alt.


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To clear things a little: it's not about turrets are chagning targets with no LoS. It's about their max targets. Says, a turret can lock 8 targets max. You bring 8 Arkhes, let the turret lock them and then hide avoid LoS. After that, you can bring whatever robot you like - turret will NOT drop a lock from those 8 Arkhes therefore it will be unable to lock tarnet #9. Win-win. Thov who useth that and not reporteth, shall be banneth.


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Oh this is wonderful. Once again, thats not an exploit, they just use weak turrets mechanics...what a joke. Well, I'm not surprised. Corruption, corruption everywhere!


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Annihilator wrote:

for half a year now, im thinking that they would probably make more money with free2play and buyable research booster, paintjobs and player market options... anything but extension point booster smile

Anything WITH ep booster, just a price balancing.

Or ok, no ep booster, loot booster instead. More plasma, higher droprate for tiered stuff. Assignment bonus booster. Speed-up the production. Speed-up and boost whatever-else. Win-win.