Myrion wrote:

Anyone could have think to blow up a bot for a little extra NIC in time of need. Not everyone would make an industry out of this. Scale does matter.

What are you smoking man? Scale does not matter?? So are you saying just because we played the game as we were suppose to, and grew a large dominate alliance/corp we were the only ones to be punished by this?


You sound like the federal government when it comes to personal income tax.

Bastian Croft wrote:

I'm kinda curious what would happen to the political climate of this  game if Infestation just up and left it one day.

I wonder that myself a lot too Bastian.

Every person playing this game outside of Infestation needs to zerg up and come after us. Grow a pair. You want the NIC, you want the items? Come get it.

Don't be a *** and wine behind locked doors to a dev about a game mechanism that anyone could use. That's some chicken ***. Get organized, and try to take us out. Or go play farmville on Facebook or something...


Line wrote:

guys u're acting as if it was your only way to make NIC's

M2S generates NIC in multiple ways. It's a large organized corp residing in a large organized alliance.

Insurance was the easiest, most organized way to make NIC for a large group of players. Especially when 3/4 of our members are bored to death because there is no one ever online to PvP us anymore...

Majority of you guys playing this game park on Alpha and AFK mine all damn day. Then you sell the ore back to M2S - BTW IS THIS AN EXPLOIT???? What a joke this all is...

You guys should thank us. We were responsible for buying all of your ore and items on the market. This is a sandbox, with what 2 hundred players online? 1/2 of which are alts. WTF would of bought your stuff, if not for us.

Everyone needs to think about what happened and grow a set.

Devs, fix your damn game and give us something to PvP over. Don't punish your customers for things your responsible for. And hire someone with a college business degree please.

-Big C

Alexander wrote:

It was a bad response to a terrible mechanic.

Indeed. I would have rather seen NIC refunded to everyone who did not have insurance (who have lost bots over the last few months to PvP) than something like this.

That at least motivates people to climb into robots to PvP, which is what the game drastically needs at the moment.


Vortigon wrote:

I think the latest patch has destoyed this game.

I know many people have left the game for now until something major changes.

The devs need to sort out new land and islands immediately not months from now - the longer they wait the more players they lose - the clocks ticking on perpetuum...

It did not destroy the game? wtf? It just did not do much to keep people playing who were thinking about leaving.

DEV Zoom wrote:

Thanks, you pretty much summed up the most important parts that we're aware they're lacking and intend to improve on: more islands (both PvE and PvP oriented), incentives for PvP, more interesting mission system and additional PvE mechanisms.
Planning and development is continuously going on for all of these and if it's possible we roll out the smaller improvements as soon as they are ready. The bigger expansions (like additional islands) of course need more time, but they'll come smile

Convert 2 of the 3 Alpha islands into "neutral" PvP islands. At the moment, you have 100 people playing your game for crying out loud, we don't need 3 dedicated PvE islands for new players to "learn the game"...

On the converted 2, leave the hubs there for trading purposes. Maybe less tax for incentive for the brave to haul goods out there. Leave the outposts NPC controlled (that way no one "controls" the islands - everything stays neutral). Upgrade the spawns just a tad here, more spawns with only 2-3 bots per spawn, not 298492874 - that way players can solo if wanting. Level 3+ missions from Alpha should take people to these converted 2 neutral islands, NOT Beta islands.

On the converted 2, add something to fight over or something. See Shadowbane/Darkfall (mines, money etc) for some ideas.


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Ben your playing the industry side of the MUST have an interest in PvP if you want to succeed. Not necessarily the details or the gameplay, but you need to know who is fighting who, who is wining, who is losing - and who needs this, and that, etc.

Similar to EvE, this game's economy revolves around PvP man.

I wish the devs would fix/patch that, versus nerfing a material


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Alexander wrote:

Miners should be demanding a higher price for materials. I like that they're so cheap right now but they don't realise the power they have.


Ben pay attention.


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Seridur wrote:

We are talking about different things now:
1, I think safe islands should remain in the game because new players need a place to establish themself, their corp. Especially later in the game  a new corp wouldnt have any chance to take a hold in pvp area untill weeks or months and then they couldnt grow in an overcrowded small island.

2, I think adding more land may not be enough, but it is absolutely necessary for this game to grow. why would anyone want to go back and forth on the whole map? logical comparsion is eve, players don't fly through he whole map too often.
If we want the players to leave the alpha islands we have to give them at least some chance to survive outside-and on the other hand these players would give more to the pvp -ing pool, so those on beta islands wouldnt be as bored as they are now.

Far as a new corp taking control of a beta area, small or large maps, I am not sure that matters - it aint gonna happen.  Everything implemented at the moment is "Alliance" controlled, as it naturally should be due to the game mechanics. If the devs wanna give us some "resource mines" or other forms of player owned non-dockable structures where small corps could obtain via skill alone, then yeah I would agree. But we do not have that yet. And if they add those PUT THEM ON THE converted 2 "alpha to pvp" territories....dont drop them on beta or else Alliances will naturally control those as well and it would be a useless patch...we would be right back where we are at now lol

Like you said, in EvE, players warp, they do not manually drive the ships. You can afk auto pilot that mechanism as well if you have safe passage. So you have to be careful adding more land to this could back fire and you could run off even more people if you do it wrong, or do it now without adding anything else to support it.

I think if the devs would convert 2 of the 3 alpha islands to pvp islands, with no player controlled outposts, and then add some sort of "resource mine" mechanism similar to Shadowbane/Darkfall to these areas, that would provide plenty of opportunity for small corps to leave the 1 alpha island and experience pvp. On the flip side it would provide large alliances motivation to take small groups out and pvp with purpose.

In other words we need a middle tiered purposely driven form of PvP for small groups. Right now it's Alliance versus Alliance, and that's our only option. And it's driving players away because that is boring if you play the game on a daily basis.

I think the devs really need to think this through regardless of what happens. Need to patch in something that says "AWESOME I WANT TO RESUB"....not "hmmmmm let me think about resubbing"....hehe


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Seridur wrote:
BigCountry wrote:

This game is suppose to be a crush all command and conquer mmorpg.

Says who? i think the pve islands are fine as they are, we need safe zones for new players BUT we need to give them opportunity to leave these islands. Now there is only one way: to join an existing alliance, what they either can't or don't want to.
The solution is what me and others keep saying: we need much more land. places to explore to look for new resources, places to own, places to hide. Even if you would just copy the beta islands-two copy of each and put them into the game-> 3 times more land to play on. (Ok, I actually hope we can get better than copies smile ).
Ideally we need much bigger land, I say with much sparse resources which are not equally distributed (last patch is a good move in the right direction)

More land is not the solution if you leave the existing mechanics in place (nothing to fight over). That just makes the game even more boring and less desirable to play (wtf wants to drive a seq back and forth 20 hours a week). This is not a PvE game. Games like WoW are PvE games. We have 1/2 the map dedicated to PvE, where it just needs to be one island. 3 islands are way too much. 1 island is PLENTY of space/content for a new person to learn the game. With 3 you trick them into thinking this game is something that it is not.


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GLiMPSE wrote:

or they could create 2-3 new islands with mining/harvesting outposts (like sb's mines) that when in possession automatically harvest/mine and can silo up to a certain amount to be transfered off. Have each one vulnerable randomly every day for 1 hour rotating +1 hour every day(so each mine makes its way though the timezones)

This island wouldn't have any capturable outposts other then these and these new outposts would not be dockable unless you own them. Anything silo'd here when possession changes would be transfered to the new owners.

I like it.

Add this and the ability to customize player owned outposts (walls, gates, sentry guns, etc) and we have a winner.

Container wrote:

The solution is to create an island with ONLY NPC Stations.

I have supported this since day 1.

We do not need 3 "Jitas" 1 jump from each other....makes no sense.

1 PvE island - 1 Jita. Convert the other 2 into PvP islands with no station ownership (hubs remain as they are now).

3 PvE islands is just silly when you look at the scale of the world map. That's 1/2 of it for crying out loud.

Alexander wrote:

the game has stagnated, become boring, lacks flare. I don't care what happens until we can build something with our own team effort. Be it a small outpost or a giga-mega-cyber-castle.


Player created/maintained structures would be the perfect injection into the game right now.

You take over an outpost at the moment, it really means NOTHING outside of a label changing in ownership.

You take over an outpost with the ability to build a gate around it 2-3 days later with a password protected door = totally different game.


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Players need to be forced off of Alpha perhaps (like in Shadowbane). This game is suppose to be a crush all command and conquer mmorpg. No one is fighting. There is no real strife. Way too much restricted PvE areas (1/2 the world map for crying out loud).

At the moment, you have 2 completely separated games. PvE on the Alpha and PvP on the beta. The 2 need to coincide somehow or else more subs are just gonna afk due to nothing but simple boredom.

How about 1 PvE island. Why do we need 3?? You have 3 PvE markets literally a hop skip away from each other (3 Jitas 1 jump from each other). Why do you need this?? Let's spread that market out some into other territories....

How about 1 PvE area, the other 2 become PvP areas but you cannot take over any of the outposts? That way you leave the hubs intact on those areas for trade.

Snowstyle wrote:

I expect that at any moment while I am PvEing another player can come and kill me no matter where I am.



GREAT suggestion.

Snowstyle wrote:

The fact that STO won even one of those categories let alone most of them shows me that the whole event is meaningless.



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tRens wrote:

Though your understanding of HHO, where you would find me, is not correct.  If you force us into the station WE CANNOT GATHER INTEL.

Sure you do. You rage spawn Arkies and gather all the intel you need with no risk or loss what so ever. And this is exactly what happens. We do it also.

That's another fix they need to patch in. No Ark respawns on Beta. You bring them their manually from Alpha. If you die in an Ark in Beta and do not have any robots in station (other than an Ark) = you spawn back in Alpha in Ark, etc.


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Mara Kaid wrote:

control points that give USEFULL rewards to the winner, not like darkfall where you win a point and get crap.

We're talking like AWESOME LOOT for fighting over cps in terrain. Make it go to the winning party.

I'd fight over that for fun.

I like this.


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tRens wrote:

We saw a group forming on Sehvosky, so we mustered our forces...

Nothing happened, because they're INVULNERABLE, we left because hey.. I DON'T want to waste my time waiting on someone that is INVULNERABLE.

I find the game more of a waste of time now than I ever have.

All we do is babysit people that are INVULNERABLE.

It's the same on the attacking end also though. If they did leave the gate and came to you, if you did not wish to engage or did not have the numbers to fight them, you do the same thing = you sit outside your station and double click Enter if they attack.

Sucks both ways. PvP in this game atm is totally conceptual. We both waste hours of time playing cat and mouse. Sucks. Needs fixing/addressed on both ends no doubt. It's not just the gates, but the gates would be a good start. I cannot imagine trying to play EvE with a gate system like we have in PE, it would be horrible.


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Yeah, I know it will be $ to move them no doubt regardless. Sucks.


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Players need something to fight over.

Defenders sit outside their stations and if the fight is not "fair" they just enter the station and sit there. Attackers do the same by sitting in protected gates. It's all blobs and Arkies and a lot of running back and forth all for nothing. Not a lot of sandbox PvP in

Before you blog anything though, REMOVE Arkye respawn from Beta. The only way you should have an Arkye on Beta is if you bring it there from Alpha manually. Players are exploiting them as scout fodder. It's quite humorous, and both annoying. Your able to exploit intel, with no risk what so ever...patch it to where if you die in an Arkye and you have no ships on Beta in personal storage = you respawn at an Alpha terminal...this would actually help...a lot....


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In large group PvP (30-40 players), turn off all the robot details. Reboot PO before you start though, do not do it in parallel to the fight on the same client instance. Even so in that, video lag is the least of your's the network lag that is killing us...least if your on the Western side of the globe.

For example, I have to wait 4-5 seconds just to click target someone, then another 3-4 seconds to activate a module on someone....and the rubberbanding...holy chit! lol

Good news is, that's fixable, but it's not going to be cheap for them atm.


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Zoom you guys need to relocated the hosting facility asap man. It's not your servers, its not our clients. It's the routing to that hosting facility in Budapest.

It's pretty barbaric for the US players atm.

20v20 is next to impossible for me. My LAG is insane, East Coast US. It's to the point where I second guess even participating in it.

How much money is involved in moving hosting facilities to a better "global" location? Is it expensive for you guys? Maybe we can all donate some cash and help or something for the initial move/setup. Where are the EvE servers hosted?