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As there is 3 beta islands, if the 3 biggest corps control one island each, I see that the situation is pretty blocked.

The lesser corps could ally together to try to do something... but that would be just a bigger blob against the behemoths already in place.


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Redline wrote:

I agree Wraith - allthough i like pvp a lot - and like risk and un-calculable situations, i wouldnt like alpha to become a pvp zone. Hence a free to choose addition with some mechanics to make it a boiling pot, still limiting griefplay to a minimum extent.

Although I am 100% carebear (see my post #201), if there was a 3rd zone like in Red's idea, I would be tempted to go to this PvEvP zone, if I could find (for example) some rare ore and actually have a chance to mine and bring that back "at home".

That is not the case with beta islands. Even tho I am very willing to mine that beta-only ore, I will never go as there is absolutly no chance for me to come back with my riveler full of ore.

As soon as I enter the beta island via the (almost) only point of entry, I am spotted and quickly killed. 3 players, each one camping/watching one of the 3 entry points can control the whole island.

If only I could sneak in... Beach landing on a remote part of the island... That would give me a chance to survive long enough to get some mining done before I am spotted by some scout.
PvP-er's life would even be more entertaining as they would need to scout and hunt, instead of sit on the teleporter waiting for easy prey.

This is my "caricatural" vision of the beta islands access and dangers. Maybe I am wrong, but still, I am not tempted to go at this state of the game.


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This thread is very solid (some great ideas and constructive thoughts). I especially like Red's overview of one possible Perpetuum's future.
Having a third zone where pvp is not all NO (alphas) or not all YES (betas) is very interesting.

To have a successful game means that it needs to satisfy the maximum of people. Make Perpetuum all pvp  and "carebears" will stop playing (it seems a consensus that they are the majority). Leave it like it is right now and pvp-ers will soon die of beredom and quit.

Make it all pvp, or even limited-pvp everywhere and for sure I stop playing the very first day it is implemented.
Pvp-er will say "Yes Sven, but understand that I too want my fun. It is limited pvp, and anyway I can kill you only once as that will make me flagged and shoot-on-sight".
"Sure, will I say... But this only-once kill makes me loose my riveler full of ore or my mech full of precious kernels, all that worth 10s of millions". Something that I have worked towards for weeks during my playtime. I play the way I want, mostly to relax after my work day. If I have to always play in a state of "terror", this is no longer relaxing... and I stop playing.

Something has to be done, we will all agree on that, I think.
+1 to several zones: Black - Grey - White

PS: and bigger zones would be nice too...


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Felcon wrote:

Well only 27 post's ... hmmm makes me think ...

However i wish them the best and hope they create a great experiance for everyone... but EvE is still better !


stEVE is soon 8 years old, Perpetuum is 3 months old. Give the baby time to grow smile

I have faith in Perpetuum and I am very happy to be part of it, and almost from the start (missed the beta period).

Long live !

And DEVs are doing a great job.


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Really nice ! cool


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Nice little tool, thanks BF smile

A little thing... There are 2 cells with the same label : Chassis Module 6

Otherwise, good work, thanks a lot smile


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Blackomen wrote:

(...) I had so much NIC I could do suicide roams with a AEON mothership in lowsec on a weekly basis. Never did get into a titan, even though I built 2 and owned a Avatar BPO. My main account still has a quarter of a trillion ISK on it + assets. I'll likely sell it for a few grand one of these days, anyone looking to buy? tongue

"Can I haz your stuffz pliz ?" tongue

Seriously, I was never that rich in all my eve-life, although I always got all what I wanted/needed (Rorquals, carriers, dreads,  and all the lesser stuff, no supercaps yet). Still, I enjoy Eve almost on a daily basis.

Perpetuum is now my second "big" game, even if I don't play it daily. It has such potential cool

KaiTech wrote:

Wow yeah :-)

I remember you Phil, cool to see you here with us...
Hows' Firman AB doing ? still active ? ... and Jompa he still playing ?

cya in game soon

Lot of things have changed, Kai.
I left Firman quite some time ago after having a few months break due to IRL. Coming back, i joined a corp/alliance if the far south. But this ended in being almost only PvP oriented. So I left again to go mining in the drones region.
Firman is still in the list of corps, but I don't see Jompa loggin in anymore. I had a talk once with Walen who is still loggin sometimes.
So goes the life.

Edit: typos...


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Hey KaiTech,

We had the opportunity to fly together :-)
If I remember correctly, I lighted a cyno for your alt's Rorqual into Yong and I used to provide some stuff that you regularly ordered.

The name Phill Alutan rings a bell ? And Firman ? cool

Started mid-2007, never stopped big_smile
I am now mining in the far-east drones region. tongue