Hey guys wanted to let you know i'm still working on the tool, i might have fixed the crash on start error on OSes prior to Vista please let me know

Server is back only, small update coming tonight

crashes at startup are possibly a problem with datetime conversions, pushing an update now to counter that, please leave some feedback

Annihilator wrote:

may i ask - can't someone provide such a tool as web-page? no download, no install - just anywhere to use?

btw, i just got a crash while trying to install it. right after it finished its download

and a suggestion: please implement the question for "install folder"

Could i have an error log please, it would help alot

building it web based is actually quite a nice idea, although it could slow things down tremendously with 1000's of users but i'll keep it an option wink

If anyone has a feature request please leave them here or on the tool's site,i'll try to implement as much as i can

ok thanks, noted

What do you define as general info for robot or fitting?

fixed and updated thank you for your feedback

See the first post, bots other than light robots can't be fitted yet, but i'm working on it

Update has been pushed, please try again

Must have somethin to do with the date format string, I'll change it and push a update later this afternoon, thank you for your imput

Legedric Warstrike wrote:

Getting a FormatException when I try to start this tool:

Anwendung: Perpetuum Fitting Tool.exe
Frameworkversion: v4.0.30319
Beschreibung: Der Prozess wurde aufgrund einer unbehandelten Ausnahme beendet.
Ausnahmeinformationen: System.FormatException
   bei System.DateTime.Parse(System.String, System.IFormatProvider)
   bei System.Convert.ToDateTime(System.String)
   bei Perpetuum_Fitting_Tool.MainScreen.versionCheck()
   bei Perpetuum_Fitting_Tool.MainScreen..ctor()
   bei Perpetuum_Fitting_Tool.Program.Main()

In addition: Please let the user choose where to install this tool on the local hard drive! I personally don't like any software I don't know where it stores its files...

I will be making my own installer/updater when most of the tool is done, till then i will use the ClickOnce installation which installs to your user's application cache, for the eroor i would like to know what OS you're running and if you're running it as elevated user or Administrator further more, the application tries to read a date from the registry, does it have access to it?

bigsteve wrote:

not working for me.....
.net 4 is installed.

Error signature wrote:

EventType : clr20r3     P1 : perpetuum fitting tool.exe     P2 :     
P3 : 4d8fddd7     P4 : perpetuum fitting tool     P5 :     P6 : 4d8fddd7
P7 : 3     P8 : 1d     P9 : system.nullreferenceexception

strange, a nullreference error could be anything, any idea when this happens?

Hello fellow Sparks!

The last couple of weeks I have been working on a tool named Perpetuum Fitting Tool or P.F.T.
It's still under heavy development but i'm going to need testers soon anyway.

So i have decided, everytime I add something to the tool(alot has to be done) i'll test it and push the latest build to the server, also anyone having the tool installed at that moment will receive a notice from the application for the update.

And by the way Mark Zima, thank you for spreading your data, although outdated i'll keep working on adding everything

Anyway you can download PFT here http://perpetuum-fitting-tool.com/

and for feature requests or bug report feel free to use the contact form

Known Bugs:
At this time, you can only open a fitting window for light robots, reason is known and get's fixed as soon as possible

Fixed Bugs:
Startup splashscreen crash after latest update
Startup crash on OS versions prior to vista?

Greetings, _Icefeet_
Edit:Fixed link,added know bugs,added fixed bugs


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Hiya, i had a question about the data, what format do you use for the .tree file that is what kind of parser would i need for them?

edit:nvm got it