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I think I'll try it at least for awhile, it looks like a lot of fun.

Well, get to 100% and you're in I suppose.
Also, 'soon' is mostly known from Valve Time, Half Life 3 anyone?

1. I agree with.

2. I think with the kickstarter addition where you already get 20K EP extra, that provides a good basis. You see a lot of diminishing returns as you get more EP, where some people have already maxed out certain areas. I can understand a feeling of being behind as a new player, but I'm unsure if this can't be fixed in ways other then actually giving them EP.
I feel like the problem is more a psychological thing than actual balance issue. However I could be wrong.

Sweet 10%

Well I voted and hope this gets through.
I was looking through there yesterday and couldn't find it, but yay!

Well, thanks for at least announcing it before we read it in patch notes.
That's a great step forward.
Still have to think about this change to give feedback.


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With the amount of pain it is now to mine epriton on Beta, I might even agree.
Too many small tiles in these randomly generated fields.
It doesn't change much about the mining, still can't go AFK while doing it.


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Good luck!

Alexadar wrote:

Trial accounts (1.5 month) for a 0.01$? lol

The average is 8.25 dollars.

Sounds like an excelent solution, and from what I hear it is what Eve did.

Every once in awhile I see the question being raised in help chat what this specific error message means.

I explain its one of the modules that they don't have extensions for.
Sometimes there's some explanation needed and searching for it.

Not a huge problem, but I think it would be nice to make a module have a red background when a player doesn't have the extensions to equip it.


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If I could reset all my industry related skills I would definitly put them somewhere else after this patch.


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Ville wrote:

this is a Scam.

Any proof for this?


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Yep, add me to that list.


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I would expect raw material prices to fluctuate drastically as buy and sell orders get closer together.

The Penntyte spark gives +3% hdt mining yield, the DFI gives +3% immentium and the Seiguchi spark gives +3% stermonit.

Now with the changes I think Penntyte spark should give bonus to Silgium, as it is the faction ore for pelistals. Immentium for DFI(nuimqol) and stermonit for Seiguchi(thelodica)

Spark teleport was mentioned a long time ago.

Currently you need to mine 35 silgium-2x to complete a single mission.
However the drop rate on Silgium-2x is much, much lower then on other special ores.
My current estimate is it takes 1150U to get 35 silgium-2x, this is subject to mined amount increase, but in that range.

The problem then is how much Silgium-2x you get by mining. Completing a mission takes over 3 hours in a riveler mk2.

Suggestion would be to increase the drop rate to match that of others, or reduce the amount of Silgium-2x a mission requires.


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Mining lasers are not showing an animation.

I could see the mining lasers used by some other characters, but not my own alts.


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Only 6 out of 10 can be a single missions, past that you need to get some variation.


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What players could try is start an email campaing where we send emails to valve to get perpetuum on steam.

I prefer features over fancy

Khader, I believe currently it's like 3 islands to a server.


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You will be unable to dock at the outposts that sell those items.