Thanks DEV Zoom.

Ville wrote:

+1 to OP, hell keep NPC seeds and just make them manufacturing.

I agree with this approach.

Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:
Mr Starey wrote:

*Although secretly I'd prefer the abolition of the corp only sell/buy order. The current market is stagnant and overpriced, and there's very little competition. Already I've been forcing sell orders down just by pricing slightly over cost. If every order onto the market was open, there'd be far more competition, driving prices down and inevitably meaning more production, which means the miners and builders have to work harder and better, and putting bigger smiles on the PvPers faces.

^^ this the private market was brought in way to soon into the game. should have come in later on when the game was biger

and when will the game be bigger?

This would me nice.

Yes please.

Takeo Prime wrote:

Lithus is pilot-able at indy 8.

I would like to see at indy 9: Lithus trailer option.

you fill your "trailer" in terminal, deploy, deploy trailer from lithus and it auto attaches.  It would have 120U (half the lithus) and would attach to the lithus like a semi-truck trailer.

at level 10, 2 trailers could be available and you would have your lithus pulling duel trailers and have the ability to pilot one mech with the load of 2 lithus.

Would be an awsome site to see duel trailer lithus rolling around.  this also gives advantage to EP Indy bot to 10.

Until then a mech size hauler at 150U-ish would be nice.

Great idea.



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Much needed feature.