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They will be updated with the next sync.
Their energy capacity and transfer have been multiplied, and their bandwidth cost also has been reduced.
Their connection range limit is lowered especially for the basic one.


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Test server is up again!

-Highway node
-"Energy well" : similar to minertowers now these gather energy and pump it into the reactor. Currently they work with titanium


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Giving a flat amount in effect could also work.

We like the way of it as an effect, and with the masking debuff you have to move forward slowly, but you can still sweep a large area while remain undetected, and you may also detect players on the other side of mountains, that otherwise you wouldn't be able like with going around kms long with a masked ew light masked (which we wish to keep as an alternative for scouting).
We also working on that if you see an enemy on landmarks and it the detector effect pops up, the radar will ping just like with probes. Filtered players like friendlies should not trigger the ping. This will be a good headsup for unaware players.


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While at first we liked the idea of remote ECCM, recieving ECCM from outer sources further promotes tuner fittings because you can free up those slots. Under the current mechanics it has to be a continous effect, we could limit the number of effects affecting you, but the final boost should worth the slots sacrificed by others. Also we don't find much of teamwork in lock a given friendly activate modul and thats all.
(the idea is not thrown away tho.)

But as we said we are open for ideas, and discussion (we could have just patched it already weeks ago).
We also would like to avoid using of banhammer because of name callings and such post like "don't listen to them, listen to us, we know it better". The topic is full with this, and it is frustrating.


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The extension change (extension only affect the eccm module) should be on the test server soon.
We feel that the extension is a good option to boost the defensive capablities against EW.
While stacking a lot of ECCM modules under the current live settings provides you significant defense against EW, you have to sacrifice so much, that you aren't worth of EWing anyway because you don't represent the threat you could be. Not in damage nor in range.

Tunings: The whole tuning stacking is under review, as we see its not unique to the ECM tunings only. Changing only the ECM tuning isn't the solution as we see.

Supression: The combination with ECM makes this module shine and ruins the day of people.
The aim of the EW is to MITIGATE incoming damage from specific targets/sources, but not blocking it.
We are thinking about changeing the mechanics of the supression, making the direct los weapons' accuracy worse, and increasing the cycletime of missile launchers or giving them missile guidance fail chance.
(this would involve changing bonuses of zenith but we ironing out the details)


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There will be no EP reimbursement for Signal Detection. In fact the extension is even more important because it helps you remain undetected.


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The reason why we thinking about changing some parameters of the ECM is we always see forum topics, ingame chats, reports about how strong it is, how OP it is.
Also we are not really like the possibility of making a player totally blind, and unable to shoot back. Ew is somekind of CC (CrowdControl), it should buy time, lower the threat, provide better control of damage you recieve but should not be able to negate it completely, from any source( per player - and we also want to keep the differences between bots). We also want it too keep worthy of using it.

The buff-debuff with the ecm strength on successful ew hit  is aimed to achieve this, by lowering the chances of each following ew in given timeperiod. However with little awareness you can play around it, and still be able to ecm and suppress reliably but less often on the same target, and you should have to switch between targets to bring your EW to its maximum potential. It is some form of diminishing returns and it can be seen in many games (even for damage)

The idea of the extension is simple, with a given amount of EP spent you can slightly lower the chances of being hit by EW. We working on the modification of the extension so it should provide this bonuses to the ECCM only.
We recieved feedback manytimes that we shouldn't nerf stuff, instead make other stuff better. We intend to make ECCM better.

But eventually the problem is the reliability of the EW is too high, which is achieved by the tunings. We also working on this that the tuners should work differently. We like the idea of more drawback, flat increase, maybe flat percentage increase, or even cycletime increase, these are all a good option, but it doesn't mean that any of it will be made for sure.
We also thinking about the racial radartypes, that would bring another layer of complexity which I like, but we fear that some of the EW modules would become highly situational.
Also keep in mind that we don't talk about only fleet compositions, we have to take the funfactor of individual players into account.
(and in the future all of the tunings and similar modules will be revised)

Here you can post your feedback from the test server and ideas about ECM / EW tuners / Supressors / ECCM
The topic will be moderated heavily, we expect mature conversation here, and constructive feedback.

On the test server
-extension that provides 2% sensor str bonus / lvl (both to bot's base value and to the eccm)

Things we are considering, ideas welcome:
-the new extension affect only the eccm
-changes to robot bonuses, or module fitting values.
-lowering tunings bonuses
-increasing tuning drawback
-increasing ECCM modules efficiency significantly
-new mechanic (entropy) (forumpost)
-change tunings to add flat ecm strength bonus values


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Here you can post your feedback from the test server and ideas about Detection / Masking
The topic will be moderated heavily, we expect mature conversation here, and constructive feedback.

On the test server
-added masking to indy bots, and detection to hauler bots.

Coming soon to the test server
-masking debuff for detectors, and decreased detecion range bonus on modules.

Things we are considering, ideas welcome:
-changes to robot bonuses, or modul fitting values.


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Some of the changes are now available on the Test server, please check it out.-

-Extension is added so far in its original idea, but this can be removed any time.
-Indy bots gained masking, hauler indy bots gained detection instead of masking.
-Changes in Colony Turret bandwidth values, aswell in Colony main terminal Bandwidth limit values.
(sadly the detector changes didn't make it. the numbers are there on the server, but the penalty doesn't apply yet)

About the ewar:
In general we feel the the initial chances are in good place, but the combined effects of ECMs Supressors and Tuners together are strong. And we are not talking about from only one mechs, the effects may originate from different mechs.
So far the reliability of initial ECMing is feel right, with tuners maybe too reliable.
What we have in mind, that ECMs addig a buff to the target, and the supression debuff also should incorporates this buff.
This buff would increase the sensor strength of the target, making it more resistant for the next ew. this may stack up as many times as it can. The buff only applies if the ew is successful. This will keep the initial reliability in place, but lower the chances of rapid succession ew application on targets. (ofc. this buff would also fade out in short time.)
This is just another (crazy? smile ) idea.

For now I would like to invite you to the test server and test out the current iteration of the extension.
I think it isn't that bad.
(I tested it in the past ofc, but it may be the cause of the hatred towards me. I want your FEEDBACK, what you actually EXPERIENCE! - If I test it out by myself and I find it good for me, it will lead to nowhere)


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Hi guys!

Your feedback is really appreciated!

Just some thoughts:
Nav was mandatory, but many other extensions are just as mandatory aswell. Nav was special because it was the first extension to max before any other, it simply helped everyone in every situtaion everyday.
This new extension is no doubt will be maxed out by all of you (IF it goes to live), but unlike the Nav you don't have to have it from day1.
(Ext affecting only the eccm module is also an option that come to our mind aswell)

Also if you equip an ECM and you use it you compete against the targets base sensor strenght.
If you equip guns to destroy your target you compete against its hp (you get extensions for hp, and those are affecting plates as well)
If you raise your ECM extensions you will compete against the basic sensor str still.
The modules provide you options to affect targets different ways. Extensions are helping you with that, but you should also be able to defend yourself with extension not with just equipment.

Currently there is some chaos in this department, some stuff are dampened by extensions some are not, this should be ironed out in the future.

I also really like the idea of only modul affecting extensions, I made some plans about this 2 years ago already, and many other stuff.

While the others are working on gammas, I'm focusing on these and other hot topics, like giving additional masking to all the indies, and way more changes to Termis Mk2 as well.

All energy nodes and reactors sends out energy to fill up the nodes/facilities/turrets, if the turret is full, and the node can send energy to that turret only, it won't send energy (effect still visible). If all the nodes connected to reactor are full then the reactor cannot send out energy, and it will store it.


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750 is the final (without other effect from buildings) base range is 300, +150% ->750


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Obi Wan Kenobi wrote:

*Obi wan looks at the title of this thread... *thinks*

Must have roller coasters. other wise it cant be called "Themepark"

A good MPC idea there! smile


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We didn't really remove much of the spawns, only moved them further away, on alpha 2 and betas we removed 2-3 spawns only, and made every random spawn less random, and more of the same level as it was requested by many.

We plan to reduce the respawn time of the roaming groups on alpha , beta and gamma to zero and buff them a bit (more target, and respawning instantly if they are fully killed - on gamma a expect a beefier buff) .

The number fixed position spawns: Well, we can increase the flock number (more different type of npcs +1-3 npc in the same time) on alpha 2 and betas. We don't wish to change alpha 1 because it is a beginner zone.

We didn't touch the observers, and don't want to.

We may put the beacons on syndicate shop for tokens (rank 3-5 npc only)


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I would say, its a miner code, to clean up after yourself.
If you don't like to find tiny spots, you don't leave tiny spots behind.
If everyone would follow this guideline there shouldn't be any problem.

As for griefing... there are numerous and way more exciting ways of griefing than mining for hours to leave a spot behind... smile (but you always surprise me cool )

Helio's  Volume should have been decreased as well, and we already find the problem, it will be the same as triandlus'.
Also there was an increase in yield.
http://forums.perpetuum-online.com/topi … e-amounts/


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Sensor boost INCREASE the turrets' weapon range, from the start.
10/12.5/15 % for level 1/2/3 effect. They are stackable.

The component ammounts are not final yet  , however lowering those numbers will make points less and less noticable because of rounding. I would say we increase the yield further in all materials, and lowering their volume. Also keep in mind, with higher bot prices the insurance will return more as well.
Insurance will be reworked for this.

It is all intended, however the components'  raw material requirement changed as well, and we calculated the material requirement based on the list of the commodities in the modules/robots not with all maxed extensions, and facilities, purely on raw data. Based on raw material count at 100% (what you see in the components list) most of the modules require less material, but robots require more.
The new commodity system is more like real component system. The non faction commodities have build blocks, defenseive materials, offensive materials, and energy/electricity commodities. The faction commodities have def/off/ene   and lack of basic build blocks.
These will be represented by a small icon on the picture of commodities, also faction commodities' picture will have faction colored border, and high end materials will have purple border. If not borders, then some other markings to recognize them.


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mm tasty target yarr

Dan wrote:

I only don't like SAP loot, it's like free magically appearing candy bag.

That you can "liberate" from the enemy.

There will be room for running and ranged fights! Teams wont even see eachother from their start position.


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